Chapter 2609

Shedrick was shocked. “Terminate the contract?”

“What else?” Chester said coldly, “Eliza’s reputation is destroyed. The money she can earn can’t even reach that of the company’s entry-level employee. Why should we keep her?”

“...T-This is too cruel.”

Shedrick felt a chill run down his spine. He did think Chester was cruel to Eliza, but he never thought he would be that heartless. After all, Chester did have sex with her before.

“She suggested it herself.” Chester was unconcerned. “It’s good that we’re terminating the contract too. We can avoid spending money to forcefully support her comeback. Besides, there are people who treat other people differently according to their status, especially Cindy. If we keep Eliza, Cindy might do something.”

“You have a point there…” Shedrick was convinced. “Cindy is capable of doing such things. You don’t know about this yet, but Eliza’s condominium address was leaked when she was heading out this morning. There was a group of anti-fans among th
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