Chapter 2611

“Eliza, I should be the one saying thank you. And I’m sorry.”

Eliza’s words caused Shedrick to be racked with guilt. “It was immoral of our company to make you a sacrifice this time. I should’ve discussed the matter with you, but…”

“But it was President Jewell’s idea, right?”

Eliza continued Shedrick’s sentence composedly.

A hint of embarrassment flashed across Shedrick’s face. In truth, he took great pity on Eliza.

Quite a number of women had been with Chester, but Eliza was the one who could bring in the most income for the company. Even so, the company suppressed her so terribly that she even ended up being the company’s sacrifice.

Shedrick felt that Chester was too cruel.

Nevertheless, he could not do anything about it.

“Eliza, all I can do is say sorry.” Shedrick rose to his feet and personally poured her a cup of coffee. “Compared to Chester, I’ve spent more time with you. Although Monte was the one who introduced you to our company, I know full well that you were never M
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Nick. Lynn
Come on barley any updates.
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Dawn Preciado
Chester is so arrogant it dose not even occur to him that someone truly despises him and wants nothing to do with him . That’s why has so easily played.
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Marina Baral
Please more updates

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