Chapter 2750

What did Chester want?

Charity was able to guess it.

Maybe Chester wanted her to forgive him and get back together with him again.

However, Charity did not want that at all.

Putting aside the fact that they had a grudge between them, she was also obsessed with cleanliness. Chester had been with many other women before. She thought he was dirty.

At that moment, her phone rang. Max’s refreshing voice came through the phone. “I’m back in Australia. Didn’t you promise to go shopping with me before? When are you going to fulfill your promise?”

Charity glanced at the time. After thinking in silence for a few seconds, she said, “Let’s go tonight.”

“Okay. I’ll pick you up after I get off work.”

“You don’t have to. I can go over myself—”

“I’ll pick you up. Let Steven and the others get off work earlier,” Max interrupted her. “You have to give them a day off once in a while.”


Charity put her hand to her forehead.

After hanging up the call, her secretary, Layla North,
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Maria Hernandez
Come on now chapters are getting smaller but great book

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