Chapter 2754

Charity let out a sigh.

She had no idea what she could take of her friendship with Max.

“Charity, there’s a women’s clothing store. Let’s go in and take a look. As I said, I want to buy you clothes.” Max pointed to the store ahead.

“It’s fine. I’m not desperate for clothes…”

“You can take a look at the new collection. No woman would think they have too many clothes.”

Max tried to drag Charity along into the store.

However, Charity refused, and the two of them were locked in a stalemate.

At last, Max got frustrated. His usually beaming and handsome face immediately turned grim. “Charity, you always stand on ceremony with me…”

“I’m really not desperate for clothes.” Charity tucked her hair behind her ear. “There’s no need to stand on ceremony with you. I’ve always considered you my family.”

Max looked at her. “Since you consider me your family, and it's early now, let’s go and watch a movie.”

Charity exchanged glances with him for a while before she finally nodded.

Hence, the
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