Chapter 2836

During the board of directors meeting in the morning, the directors appeared one after another. They were all men and women older than Charity.

However, no one dared to underestimate Charity when everyone gathered.

What a joke. Who would dare to be careless with a countryside girl who had climbed to such a position?

Director Carlson went up to her immediately. “Lizzie, did you eat the pumpkin soup I sent you when you were in the hospital? It’s especially suitable for girls because it’s great for beauty and wound healing.”

“Thank you, Uncle Jeremy.” Charity smiled. She did not sound very enthusiastic, and it even sounded a little cold.

When Hunter, who entered afterward, saw Charity and Director Carlson so friendly with each other, his face darkened. He scolded, “Some people must’ve lost their conscience. Someone almost lost his life to save her, yet she’s so ungrateful to him.”

“That’s right. Don’t be too heartless, Eliza.” A director close to Hunter warned, “If it weren’t fo
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Dawn Preciado
These short chapters are ridiculous author, keep this up and we will be reading your book into the next century.

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