Chapter 2837

A director standing beside Hunter said, “Director Carlson, what a wonderful thought you expressed. Why don’t you calculate how much money we’ve previously spent on the investment in the medical courses in different schools? Now, you’re even planning on building a medical school. Do you think it can be settled with merely two billion dollars? Not to mention the training of a professional team, how about you try and calculate the yearly bonus we can get?”

To many directors, the bonus was the apple of their eyes.

Director Carlson laughed. “When President Jewell was here, that was what he considered too. He believed it was necessary to build a medical school. Think about it. Are we desperate for money? What we’re desperate for is fame. After hundreds of years, we’ll be gone, but the medical school we’ve established will continue to stand firm in Australia. Our company will be able to make a breakthrough in the medical field and contribute to humankind.”

Hunter reacted as though he had h
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