Chapter 2841

Shaun was shocked.

He never thought things would escalate that far.

All he did was go to the company in the morning.

“Where were you this morning?” Shaun pulled Ken over, who was stunned.

Ken clenched his fists, with regret written all across his face. “Young Master Jewell told me to accompany Miss Robbins to the meeting in Jewell Corporation. He was afraid Chairman Jewell would make things difficult for her at the company.”

“Are you silly? He could’ve informed me if he wanted to protect Eliza. I could send people over.” Shaun was exasperated. “You’re his right-hand man and the only one left that he can trust. You should be by his side at all times.”

“I’m sorry…” Ken stammered, “I didn’t think Chairman Jewell would do such a thing. No matter what… Young Master Jewell is his son.”

“How can he be considered a father?” Shaun gritted his teeth. “Call the police and sue him for attempted murder. My last name isn’t Hill if I don’t lock him up to teach him a lesson.”

“We can’t,” K
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