Evan Potter's POV

"Captain, we couldn't find the high school girl everywhere" Tyler Smith said as he was sweating because they were chased by those zombies outside. Tyler Smith couldn't imagine that if those zombies have intelligence of a normal human have... his scalp turned cold and numb.

"Then, at least, you know which school she was, right?" Evan Potter asked. He wanted to recruit that high school girl to his team and use her in the frontline. Anyway, the zombies couldn't touch that high school girl which is better than recruiting a weak one who always needs protection. His team is not created for babysitting and he doesn't want a vase for display only.

"Yes, when we reached Divonne Academy, the school was surrounded by zombies but there are some survivors there. Fortunately, we didn't wear our military uniform. Otherwise, they will force themselves on us. Humans are scarier than zombies" Tyler Smith answered as he told Evan Potter of their situation earlier.

Divonne Academy was the largest high school academy and only few privileged children could enter. They had three departments which are for primary, secondary and tertiary students. Psyche Flint belonged to the secondary department which had four grades such as grade 7, 8, 9, and 10 and her class was Class 8A. This class has six subjects per day or one subject for one hour such as English, Science, Mathematics, History, MAPEH (music, arts, physical ed. and health) and Information Technology. These subjects let the Divonne Academy ranked higher than any other academies.

Psyche Flint is just a simple and approachable girl but her high IQ scared the teachers out of their wits. There was even a moment during Mathematics class. The teacher was discussing about Geometry and Psyche Flint was dozing off. The mathematics teacher was angry and called her name to solve a problem. The teacher used the most difficult problem for high school students but was easily answered by Psyche Flint. The teacher was stunned and never called her name again.

Psyche Flint was only dumb, clumsy and timid in front of his youngest brother as she was always worried of him since they were a kid. That's why Zack Flint or their parents don't know that she has a high IQ of a wolf with sheep skin. Also, she's not faking it as it always happened every time she thought of her younger brother and parents. So, who would have thought that she's a genius?

She was loved but at the same time, hated by the students. Even some teachers hated her because they felt that she was looking down on them. This happened when Psyche Flint asked every teacher of mathematical equations she slightly didn't understand. What she didn't know was that, the every mathematical equation she asked, are not part of high school syllabus nor college syllabus but practice by mathematicians. If you are the teacher, what will you feel then? Horrible, right? but she didn't know and doesn't know of these.

Still, the teachers were upright people and the other staffs were accommodating towards the students' needs and security. However, the apocalypse unveiled their mask and it was witnessed by Tyler Smith and co.

Evan Potter tapped his point-finger on the table while contemplating. He couldn't believe that there is someone who is on par with his school-life experience. Yes, Evan Potter right now is thinking of Pscyhe Flint's achievement, but not thinking of a plan to find her...for now.

"CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN!" Garry Vallens shouted from outside the study room while Evan Potter frowned as he felt that something unexpected will happen.

And, that unexpected... are the zombies outside are forcing themselves to enter the building they used as a base now. They blocked the entranced tightly but still, the zombies could enter the building easily like there was no blockade before. Gabrielle Collins followed behind Garry Vallens while Ariel Montes and Zeke Santos followed behind Gabrielle Collins.

"How could they enter?" Tyler Smith couldn't believe of what he had seen outside. They already blocked the entrance tightly that almost an insect couldn't enter.

"How would we even know? I was inspecting my laptop to check the signal if I could enter the internet but failed to do so until we heard those groaning noises so we looked out through the window by using the telescope. We were shocked to see many zombies forcing their way on the entrance door" Gabrielle explained as he felt aggrieved of his failed inspections.

"Strange. We didn't let ourselves expose to them so how could they know we are here?" Ralph Spencer asked with a low tone. The others nodded as they also felt something wrong but why?

"If I found the person who did this, I will punish him severely" Evan Potter sternly said and gaze on everyone. They quiet own and started to analyze situation as to why the zombies are forcing themselves inside.

"They are attracted to noises, human scents and...?" Zeke Santos mumbled as he ponder.

"uhmmmm... Why are you bleeding, Captain?" Ariel Montes asked when he noticed a blood stained on his arm. Everyone looked at Evan Potter's blood stain, then, looked at each other.

"Human blood" Ralph Spencer said and they realized the source of problem. Evan Potter coughed awkwardly and stood up. "Let's pack up. I found a dog hole earlier. Let's use that to escape from here" he said and turned around immediately while everyone laughed at him.

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