"What happened?!" Andrea Su asked loudly as her brows furrowed. She was about to report to her superior that there's a strange woman entered the camp easily despite the zombie barrage outside the refugee's camp.

The camp is surrounded by many zombies outside as they are looking for their prey. The human scents brought them here. However, the thick and sturdy wall that served as a gate couldn't let them enter at will.

They could only groan like hungry wolves. Which is why, Andrea Su is curious of Psyche Flint's identity. Only her superior's family can enter and exit the camp without anyone's permission with a group of bodyguards.

Andrea Su frowned when she saw the zombie corpse on the ground, in front of Psyche Flint and has an idea of what happened but she stubbornly didn’t want to admit that the strange woman solved the problem before they found out about it. However, she didn’t show it on her face but told the patrolmen to dispose the zombie corpse.

Suddenly, the young boy slapped away Psyche Flint’s hand that covered his eyes when he heard Andrea Su’s order to dispose the body. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be separated from his mother’s zombie corpse but wanted to properly bury her.

“No! She’s still my mother!” the young boy stood infront of the zombie corpse with firm eyes and his arms opened wide to block whoever force to get her mother’s zombie corpse as he looked at Andrea Su.

Who wants to see your family’s corpse being eaten away by zombie wolves of Dark Forest behind the Supermarket Mall?

Psyche Flint was amused of the young boy’s bravery to face Andrea Su alone while knowing that it will bring him harm if he angered her. The patrolmen were about to force their way on him but Andrea Su waved her right hand to stop the patrolmen and stared at the young boy’s face.

“What’s your name?” Andrea Su asked as she felt pity for the young boy but her face showed ruthlessness. It is always her cover to control the situation since she was a child and to let others know that she wouldn’t back out without proper reason unless she was convinced.

The young boy’s body shook when he remembered his mother’s words before five years ago that he shouldn’t let other people know his identity. Otherwise, they will bring harm to him. However, she only said those words to avoid the Flint Family. Even though she’s a bitch, she still upheld to her promise to the young boy’s father.

The young boy’s name is Lincoln Joe. His father is Andropov Flint. He is the youngest son of the second generation of Flint Family but no one knew his existence, even his father.

The logical reason is.. her mother. She’s Angelica Villareal – the only daughter of Ministry of Education among the children but fell in love to Andropov Flint’s charm. His smile and soft voice thumped her heart for the first time of her life. She deliberately did everything to caught Andropov’s Flint’s attention.

However, she failed because Andropov Flint was already engaged to the Bentley Family’s youngest lady, Arista Bentley. They were childhood sweethearts and their parents arranged marriage them since they were inside their mother’s wombs. However, unexpectedly, everything turned smooth. Andropov and Arista grew up together and treated each other very well.

Angelica Villareal was disappointed but she realized that Andropov and Arista were not yet married officially. It could still be cancel if a scandal happened. So, she formulated a plan and made Andropov drunk.

She succeeded and the fruit of their one-night stand is Lincoln Joe. However, before that, Andropov warned her to conceal of what happened to them because it’s a mistake and shouldn’t have happen. Andropov transferred 10 million dollars to her account for the mother and son’s living expenses.

Angelica felt greedy of Andropov’s wealth and kept on blackmailing him. If he transfers money to her account every month, she will stay silent. Otherwise, she will turn the Flint Family upside-down because of Lincoln’s existence.

Angelica gave half of Andropov’s transfer to the Joe Family’s business and the Joe Corporation became a local wealthy family in the city for eleven years. While, she hid the half of it… for her gambling games. She gambled the money without paying to her son’s school tuition fees.

Lincoln Joe doesn’t know his mother’s gambling hobby while the Joe Family didn’t support his studies but he was a student scholar of Divonne Academy.

At the time before the apocalypse, The Joe Family was on verge of collapse because of years’ debt. Because of this, Angelica brought Lincoln with her to introduce him to the Jackhelm Family for marriage. However, Lincoln didn’t know about it and went with his mother. When he found out about his mother’s purpose, he was annoyed but still smiled infront of the Jackhelm’s.

When they were on the hotel room, he confronted his mother that he will never marry a girl she doesn’t love. His mother was angry when he left and chased him outside. However, the apocalypse arrived and everyone fell asleep. When they opened their eyes, the sky and the sun were already red. Also, unconscious crowd turned into zombies while only few were not.

Andrea Su felt annoyed of the young boy’s reaction and she felt that she’s the villainess of a novel who blocked the heroine’s happiness. She sighed and stared at the young boy’s firm eyes.

“Fine. You can properly bury your mother but we need to burn her body. We still don’t know anything about zombies. It just still the first day of the apocalypse” Andrea Su said. She was about to turn around but she noticed Psyche Flint’s changing reactions.

Psyche Flint just watched the confrontation between Lincoln Joe and Andrea Su but something unexpected happened. She noticed that, on her sight, Lincoln Joe’s body turned transparent and blood veins were visible to her eyes. The blood flows on Lincoln Joe’s body thumped like a heartbeat.

Psyche Flint was confused at first because she doesn’t know why the blood on Lincoln Joe’s blood veins reacted like that to her. It was like the blood felt connected to her.

Then, her face showed her astonishment when she realized that Lincoln’s blood reacted like that but nothing happened to Lincoln Joe. As far she knows, if the blood reacted extremely, it means the heart pumped faster and if someone checked the pulse, the pulse rate also beats faster. Meaning that at this moment, Lincoln Joe should be feeling tired but why is there no sweats on Lincoln Joe nor he’s not panting at all?

“Hey, Psyche. Why are you staring at him like that? Like you are looking at the interesting lab rat” Andrea Su’s lips twitched when she saw Psyche’s eyes are shining while staring at Lincoln Joe.

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