The CEO's Amusement
The CEO's Amusement
Author: Kataya Moon

Fun Times

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Can we go ride all the rides please?”

He chuckled at her excitement. It never ceased to amaze him when he would see her smile. It made what he did even more worthwhile when the most important smile he could see was hers. “I have to show you something first. It’s a new ride.”

Her eyes sparkled like tiny, little jewels when she heard that. “Oh show me the ride? Can we ride that one first? Please daddy?”

She didn’t give him a chance to show her, her little hand tighten around his own and begin to pull him. She didn’t know where the ride was but she wanted to get there as quickly as they possible.

Dallas Scott, couldn’t do anything else but allow her to pull him along. He knew when she found out the name of the ride her excitement would reach its peak level. He started to walk fast and scooped her up in his arms. His strides were even and purposeful. She giggled in his arms. “Daddy tell me about the ride?”

He nodded his head which caused her to pout. It was adorable the way she puffed out her right cheek with her lower lip tucked into her mouth and her arms folded across her chest. “It’s a surprise dumpling. You’ll see when we get there.”

“fine, but daddy when will I be able to make rides too?”

“When you take over the company.”

Her eyes widen in astonishment and her mouth formed an o, “You mean one day I can run Kari-Hope? Can I run it now then?”

He leaned his head down to nuzzle her cheek. It warmed his heart knowing that she would want to continue in his footsteps but she was only 6 years old her dreams could change. He stopped in front of the new ride. The name displayed on top ‘EJ MOUNTAIN’. Putting her on his shoulder, beaming as she squeezed his head. “Welcome to EJ MOUNTAIN!”

“EJ mountain? Daddy did you name this after me?”

“Yep, want to get on the ride now?”

“YES! I really do daddy.”

He held her hand and smiled at the attendant to let him through. They were the only ones on the ride due to it being just before opening. EJ Mountain had been tested several times to make sure it was safe; they were the first to ride it as it was finally ready to be open to the public. Normally these sorts of rides wouldn’t be for children her age and size but the engineers made sure that children as young as 5 would be able to safely ride.

They were both settled in the log boat when it started. Slowly they drifted down the river the left side of the boat had different types of dinosaurs on it. The right side had all manners of mythical creatures. EJ MOUNTAIN was catered more for the young child in the beginning. The ride started to go faster through the mountain, the water sloshing against the sides. They reached the top of the mountain where it turned to a roller coaster down. It looped this way and that before going around and then finally down. The ride soon was back in the water going at an easy pace. It slowed to a stop back where they started.

Dallas helped her out of the ride, then he squatted down to her eye level. “How did you like the ride Emma Jean?”

Emma jean looped her arms around his neck and squealed, “Daddy I loved it!! Dinosaurs and unicorns and more I want to go again. Can I go again?”

He mussed her hair and laughed “No dear one, the park is now open we can’t hog the ride.”

Emma jean knew what he was saying but she wanted to be selfish for a change. Stamping her foot she ran off away from the ride in a tantrum. Dallas didn’t have a chance to grab her, stopping her from running off. Neither did the attendant.

Emma jean raced off towards the carousel, she had grown up in this park she knew every ride they had there. The carousel was one that she loved the most.

It was a Thursday morning when they unveiled the ride and Emma ran off. She made it clear to the carousel before bumping into a kid about 2 feet taler than her. She fell backwards landing on her bottom. Instead of crying she apologized and tried to scramble away. The boy noticed she was alone and held out his hand to her. “Need any help looking or your parents?”

“Stranger danger! I own this park I don’t need help. Well my daddy does.” Emma Jean started to stand up on her own and started to walk towards the carousel.

The boys watched her and spoke sternly to her, “You may think that means something but remember there’s bad people in the world. Yelling out that can cause trouble for your parents. Stay with me until you’re ready to go back ok?”

She furrowed her tiny eyebrows in thought. “Ok, you can stay with me.” Emma jean took his proffered hand and they both walked to the carousel. The attendant seen this and was bout to radio to the park manager until Emma jean glared at him. Her green eyes narrowed into tiny slits. The face was both adorable and oddly frightening. The attendant waved the two of them on to the carousel. The boy helped her onto a unicorn and sat on one behind her

The carnival like sounds started, which signaled the ride was beginning. Parents waved at their children from the sidelines. Their cheers and squeals filled the area. Emma jean held on tightly to the ears of her unicorn. Her laughter rang out above the others. It was loud and happy. The boy figured whatever was bothering her was now a thing of the past. She really was a cutie it seemed.

Kataya Moon

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