Kieran woke up in an unfamiliar place. The ceiling had a different texture than the one he had become accustomed to in his dorm room. The bed itself was plush and comfortable. When he looked over there was Emma jean sitting in a chair holding a glass of water and an aspirin bottle. Kieran jumped out of the bed in shock tumbling on to the floor. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here. If I recall you said last night and I quote ‘I’m going to sleep with Emma Jean.’ End quote. Does that not ring a bell?”

His face turned a light shade of pink at her recollection of last night. He remembered what he had said. He felt embarrassed at his actions. “AH, sorry about that. I bet you wouldn’t want dome drunkard to work with you, now would you?”

“That’s not true. Well, I wouldn’t want someone that was a slave to the bottle to work with me or for me but if I can help I would. I liked your honestly plus you’re super cute. It would help out a lot when I meet with certain clients. So, want to go to the park today? I have to do some interning. Or what daddy likes to call it learning the park from the bottom up.”

“I can? Like seriously come and work there?”

“Yeah. You would be paid. Just like I am but it wouldn’t be a hell of a lot.”

“I’ll go. I want to go. Please let me go.”

She laughed at his excitement. “Ok, but first take this. It’s a Saturday and it’s going to be pretty hectic. We can’t have you vomiting due to the sun. also, there’s breakfast waiting for us. We have to be at the park in an hour.” Handing him the glass and the bottle she left the room to go to the dining room for breakfast.

The table had a plethora of food piping hot for them. There was everything from omelets to pancakes and scrambled eggs to oatmeal and fresh fruit. Emma jean didn’t want to eat anything to heavy, she made sure to pay attention to the weather and didn’t want to stand in the heat with a heavy stomach. She had oatmeal with granola and fruit inside. It wasn’t heavy but it would stick to her bones, keeping her full until it would be time for their break. She had called her daddy to let him know that there would be someone with her today.

Just as she was getting off her call, Kieran came into the dining room. His mouth was opened and his eyes were shining. She knew that look. It was the look everyone got when they came to her house for the first time. She may not live with her parents but she didn’t live in the dorms either. Emma jean had a decent penthouse apartment not terrible far away from campus. “Sit down and have some breakfast. I would recommend something light. It’s not good to be outdoors with a slight hangover and an overstuffed stomach.”

“Gotcha.” Kieran grabbed for some bread and scrambled eggs. “So, do you know what we will be doing when we get to the park?”

She had a big spoonful of oatmeal in her mouth before she was able to answer. “I have an idea but I’m not for certain. I think we’re going to be at EJ Mountain.”

He slammed his hands on the table and whooped in happiness. “That is my all-time favorite ride. I love how they seem to update it every couple of years.”

Emma held a smirk on her lips, the reason it was changed was because of it’s namesake. Something her daddy had told her when she was a teenager and she went on the ride then. That was going to stay a secret between her and her family. “Yeah, it’s my favorite ride too.”

“Oh snap, I just realized that EJ stands for Emma jean. It’s named after you isn’t it?”

“Ah, well yeah but let’s not get too crazy.”

Kieran nodded his head while he took a bite of his toast. His mouth was still full as he talked. “It’s safe with me. Granted everyone would kill to have a ride named after them.”

“I don’t think that’s true but I love it. I rode it a couple of times when it was initially released.”

“I’m so jelly, I bet you rode it before it was opened to the public too?”

“I would say yes and no.”

“What do you mean?”

“I rode it the very day it became open to the public. I was the first rider.”

“You just got like a million times cooler in my book. You’re freaking awesome Emma jean. Can I call you Emma or EJ?”

“Emma, I would rather no one call me EJ.”

“You got it boss. And about what you asked me. I know I agreed already to work with you but long as you don’t treat me poorly like I’ve seen some bosses do their employees we will get along just fine.”

Emma jean stood up and motioned for him to follow, “I will treat everyone the same way my daddy did. I have some big shoes to fill but I know I can handle it.”

Kieran followed her and they both got in her car. The ride of to Kari-Hope was filled with college gossip and future plans. Kieran asked many questions about her life and how it feels to be the daughter of a theme park mogul. Emma jean answered him honestly about her experiences and how it was growing up an only child to the man that sold dreams to millions and millions of people worldwide.

They made it to the park within the hour. Emma jean walked into the employee entranced. She showed Kieran where they would be changing into their uniforms for the day and where to meet for the employee meeting.

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