The bar started to thin out, more and more of their coworkers were leaving to go home in the shuttles. Soon there were only a hand full of people left, including Kieran, Kenji, Emma Jean. The three of them ended at a table with two other people. The conversation was boisterous. They were all around the same age group. Kenji had a girl hanging on to his arm. She leaned her head against his shoulder while making doe eyes at him. Kieran mocked the girl by leaning on Emma Jean mimicking her movements.

“Knock it off. That’s not very nice. Let her make a love connection if she wants to.” She whispered harshly in his ear.

He spoke louder than intended, “Any fool can see he has eyes for you.”

Kenji was taking a drink of his beer when he heard that. His eyes widen at the sudden implication. He spit out his beer all over the table, choking in the process. The girl patted his back while glaring at Kieran. Emma’s mouth was dropped wide open.

“What?! It’s true. I

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