The New CEO

It was her first day as the CEO, Emma Jean walked into the board room clad in all black. A black blouse, suit jacket, skirt and stilettos. The room felt oppressive with sadness. Kieran followed behind her carrying a planner and blackberry. Several of the board members were sniffling and wiping their faces. Emma Jean reached the front of the long table with a forced smile on her face. She sighed before speaking..

“This was not the way I wanted to take over the company.” Her voice cracked in the middle of her speech. Tears welled in her eyes. “But daddy fought for two years against cancer so we all should be … we all should rejoice that he died happy and surrounded by everyone he loves.”

The all nodded in agreement. It was harder on Emma Jean than it was on them. Kieran could see she was trying to keep it together. This was the next day after Dallas Scott’s funeral. It’s been a week since he died from stage 3 prostate cancer. He could tell Emma wanted to be anywhere but there in
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