Shannon angled her head to the left. Her eyebrow was arched. “Did you just threaten me?” Her voice raised with each word.

He realized just a bit too late that he fucked up. “Shannon, no I didn’t threaten you. I just want my dad to be there for when we get married. You don’t have any family, do you? Wouldn’t you want him to walk you down the aisle?” He was hoping that would make her think logically about it.

“Oh, you’re right. I want to be as close to my in laws to the point where they think of me as the daughter they never had.” She raised the gun to her lips while smiling. “But you did threaten me so you need to be punished.” She raised her hand in the air that wielded the gun and struck him across the side of his face.

Kenji crumpled to the ground. She hit him hard enough to be knocked unconscious. Sandra screamed. “Kenji? Kenji? Wake up honey please?”

“Oh, shut up mom. He’s fine you shouldn’t worry so much.” She took the bandana that she was holdin

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