Emma jean had hoped that would keep her occupied long enough to get out of the house safely so the police could handle her but as soon as she reached the door to turn it a shot rang close to her ear. She looked to see a bullet hole in the corner of the door’s hinges. She turned around to see Shannon barely standing. She sent a silent prayer up to her daddy for making sure she had a learned some defensive moves. “That was the last bullet in the chamber you know.”

Shannon held the gun up weakly while still holding onto her stomach. “You think I didn’t load the bullets back in the chamber? You would be stupid if you thought otherwise.”

Emma jean looked from the door handle to Shannon. Her eyes were slightly narrowed as she raised her eyebrows. “You wouldn’t have had enough time to load them.”

“You want to test that theory?” She stood up straighter an pointed the gun towards her.

“So you&

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