Chapter 08: Crossdresser I

After deciding my female name, Victor began my makeover session first thing next morning.

First, he took me to the beauty treatment. I was forced to undergo hair removal treatment, they plucked my facial hair and nose hair with tweezers; they waxed my armpits, chest, legs, and even my private part! Believe me, you won’t want to know how painful that felt!

After the hair removal treatment, they gave me a relaxing facial and spa treatment. Glad it was free of charge.

Afterwards, Victor took me to the malls he often shopped to get me some essential clothes and accessories for Henrietta Chandelier.

We went to the office lady session right away. Victor chose plenty of clothes in different styles and colors with the size that would fit my body, he then brought me to the fitting room and locked the both of us together in the same cubicle. 

Under his surveillance, I tried on the blouses and skirts, and lastly the dresses.

“This one looks very sexy.” said Victor, pointing at the red spaghetti strap bodycon dress on me.

“Are you kidding me?” I scoffed, opening my legs wide, “Look at me, my balls are hanging outside!”

“Try the long one then.”

As Victor mentioned, I put myself in the long velvet black dress, which I thought it looked totally alright from the front, until I turned to the side and had a glance at my elevation.

“You see that huge bulge there between the lady’s thighs?” I sneered.

“Mm-mh.” Victor bit his lower lip as he winked at me, “I’ll be very attracted if I am Jamie Lee Peyton.”

I scoffed, “Jamie Lee Peyton is not gay!”

Victor shrugged, “Who knows?” he giggled, “We’ll see about that.”

I gave a long sigh as I looked into the mirror again, “Don’t we have something not too short or too tight to wear?” I asked.

Victor nodded, “Yes, we do have.” he said, “But they kinda make you look like my aunt, so I don’t think we’re gonna get that.”

Urgh, okay, “Fine.” I don’t want to be his aunt either.

There, as I was taking the dress down, Victor pinched his chin as he squinted at my boxer sizing my private part up.

Subconsciously, I covered my private part up with my palms, “What...?” I gulped when I felt his glare that was filled with affection.

“You know what?” Victor then mentioned, “I think we need to get you some panties and stockings.”

“W-what?” I stammered, “I’m not wearing that!”

Victor giggled, “Believe me, they are comfortable, they are feathery and silky… You’ll fall in love with them once you try them on.” he then leaned close to me and abruptly grabbed my bulge, “And also, they are tight enough to help you hide THESE under the skirts and dresses.”

“Since we are going to get you panties and stockings, I think we’re going to get some bras too, and some wobbly-bobbly silicone breast pads.”

After paying for the clothes we fitted at the counter, we left the shop and went to the lingerie department.

Victor dragged me all around the store choosing sets and sets of bras and panties, and eye fitting them on me right in front of all the ladies.

Believe it or not, even if I agreed to do this crossdressing thing, I was still capable of feeling embarrassed. Really.

Victor picked a few sets of them with laces he liked, which match with the clothes we bought earlier. He pulled me to the fitting room and I tried everything on again.

But this time, I was actually amazed by how true Victor was when he told me about how comfortable these panties could be! It felt so different from men's underwear, they are so smooth, so light, and some of them even make your skin feel cool and refreshing! I never expected how powerful these panties could be! My mind was so blown!

After we obtained the sets of lingeries, boxes of squishy silicone breast pads, and pairs of stockings,  we went to the next stop.

“Now that we’ve bought some stockings, let’s get you some sexy high heels.”

We went to the women's shoes department and started to search for those which had my size.

Walking along the racks, Victor asked me, “What size are you?”

“Ten.” I said.

Yet Victor striked a astounded face at me, “What are you? Bigfoot?”

In disdain, I rolled my eyes at him, “I’m a man, dude.”

“Hey, don’t talk like this!” Victor rebuked, “Learn to speak like a lady, will you?”

“Learn to speak like a lady, will you?” mimicking Victor’s tone, I repeated in a sneered face.

Big size lady’s shoes are surely uneasy to be found, we searched all around the mall to get just one pair of red leather high heels. They’re in pointed toe and thin stem, I was having a very ominous feeling about wearing them.

After we got the high heels, Victor brought me to his favourite wig shop. They were very professional, they made the best wigs with good quality materials, they provided tailored service according to the user's head size too. They even hired a few top hair stylists to style the wigs to make sure their customers look like their best self.

They put me in the chair and started to wear wigs on my head. First, they go with a red one. It was center parted with a fishtail braid at the back, lovely and elegant, but...

“Remind me of Princess Fiona from Shrek.”

Then, they tried the next one on me. It was a blue one, short and stylish, with little soft spikes at the back and side, cool and refreshing, but...


They tried the third one on me. It was a green one. I don’t want to comment anything about it, but just...

“Have you heard of The Grinch?”

And finally, they wore a better one on me. It was in dirty blonde, wavy, the length stopped at my waist, and the fringe was perfectly trimmed to my eyebrows.

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