Chapter 09: Crossdresser II

Victor came to me and put his hands on my shoulders. He looked into the mirror as he exclaimed, “You are a Goddamn sexy hot blonde, Henrietta.”

I chuckled, “I know.” hell I am.

There, Victor swept my hair to the back and hooked them across my ear. He touched my left face and laid his fingers at the spot right below the tail of my left eyebrow, where my only mole on my face is.

“This mole is the most sexiest trait on your face, use it wisely as I would say.”

After finding myself a perfect wig, we chose a pink leather handbag on our way to our next stop. For our next stop, Victor took me to the cosmetic department.

Before choosing anything from the rack, Victor held my face and took a close glance at me.

“Your skin condition looks good, and your eyes, nothing wrong with them, I don’t think you need to enhance anything on your face, except…”

As he said, he picked up a black tube from the rack and opened the lid. A fat red stick with a sharp tip was revealed.

I know this, I see this every time, it is, “A lipstick?”

However, Victor shook his head, he said, “It is not just a lipstick. It is a weapon.”

He twisted the lipstick up and pressed the tip on my lips, he traced the line of my lips as he applied it on me. I looked in the mirror.

Once again, I was astonished. Just looking at my red lips made me feel hot enough, I licked my lower lips and bit it with my teeth. I’m telling you, I can be so turned on if a girl does that to me.

There, Victor picked up a bottle of perfume from the rack and sprayed a little bit on my wrist and told me to wipe them onto the side of my neck. 

“The side of your neck is where he will be sniffing when he hugs you, so, find a chance to hug him whenever you can.” he said.


Show him my sexy mole, hug him, and make him sniff my neck. Seducing Jamie Lee Peyton doesn't sound that hard, doesn’t it?


When everything was set, Victor took a photo of me in the wig and dress, he even edited my make-up a little for me. I always knew he’s good at being photographed, but I never knew when he acquired photo editing skills.

After he finished the editing, I pasted the photo on my resume. I was responsible for filling all the personal details of Henrietta Chandelier.

Except for the name, everything else written on the resume was true. My contact and the penthouse address, my education background regarding Bauhaus, my working experiences as an architectural designer, my achievements throughout the years, and the soft and hard skills I learned throughout the times back in my schools and previous companies.

After ensuring everything on the resume looked perfect, I sent the resume out to the human resource department of Minerva, and we started waiting for a reply from them.

Lucky enough, right on the same day, I received an e***l with good news from Minerva. The HR manager wanted me to attend an interview session on the next day. Therefore, as I should, I accepted the invitation right away.

To prepare for the interview session, using the rest of the day, Victor assisted me on the way to speak and laugh like a lady. He taught me how to walk and behave like one too, so that my real gender won’t be exposed.


On the next day, Victor drove me to Minerva.

I was asked to fill an application form before the interview session started. I filled in every of my details and ticked the position I was going to apply for. I was then guided to a meeting room where the three interviewers were waiting for me.

After I passed my resume, portfolio, and the form I just filled in to them, I pulled the chair out gently and sat in front of them. I crossed my legs and put my hands on my lap to keep my panties hidden from anyone’s sight.

Among the three of the interviewers, one was the HR manager, one was her assistant, and another one was Jamie Lee Peyton’s current secretary who was pregnant with a very huge belly, she looked like she could be expecting anytime soon.

Though Jamie Lee Peyton was not there. Perhaps an interview session for an architectural designer was just never a thing that needed to be brought into his concern even if he was an award winner of Minerva’s own competition huh?

Oh no, wait. There was no Henry Nosrevi here, and Henrietta Chandelier was not an award winner. I should remember that.

The three interviewers took their time to go through the documents I handed them.

“You graduated from Bauhaus?” the secretary asked.

I nodded. In a high pitch voice, I answered, “Yes, madam.” glad I did not sound too weird.

“Okay.” she looked amazed.

“It is a very special choice you choose here, but I respect your passion.” going through the form I just filled up, the HR manager assistant said, which I didn't quite understand his words.

The HR manager there nodded, “I believe with your experiences in the industry could be of a big help for the CEO.”

Wow, that’s way of a compliment.

“Thank you.” with a slight smile, I said.

The interview was easy, the interviewers did not ask a lot of deep questions that  I was very well prepared to answer. They told me to go home and wait for their answer.

And so, it was just one day later that the human resource department contacted me and requested me to start working from the next day onwards.

Victor and I celebrated last night at my house. He said getting into Minerva is a huge success as the first step of my revenge. He blessed my journey and wished me good luck.

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