Chapter 10: The Way In

April, 2021.

Today, the time has finally come. After I ensure I am one hundred percent prepared to step on the route of my revengeance, I set off from my penthouse for Minerva.

As I arrive at Minerva, I look up to the beautiful contemporary high rise building that my parents built.

It was a long time ago I last had the chance to take a glance at it. It now looks a little bit different from what was printed in my memories, but I think it is alright for now, because once I take Jamie Lee Peyton down and take over the company, I will turn the building back to how it looked like during its earliest days.

Deeply, I take a breath. Once I pick up my courage, I take my step and walk into my battlefield.

The HR manager is the first person to greet me other than the security guards. She puts up a big bright smile as she approaches me. She stretches her hand out towards me.

“Good morning, Ms. Chandelier. My name is Mila Macgregor, I am your HR manager. I believe we’ve met during the interview session.” she said.

“Yes, of course.” I shake her hand. In a female tone, I say, “I am very honored to meet you again.”

“So am I.” said Mila, “Ms. Chandelier, as it is your first day here today, I’ll give you an orientation. I’ll tell you what you have to know working here in Minerva, and I will take you around the company to show you where everything is.”

There, as Mila mentions, she shows me the way into the elevator. Once we are in the elevator, she presses the button on top of the list, the highest floor of Minerva——the 103th floor.

103th floor, I remember every time when my parents brought me up there when I was young, I would cry so loud in the elevator due to the ear pressure caused by the high velocity.

I grip onto the edge of my skirt as I try to stay calm. Oh gosh, I am now nervous, going up all the way up to the top most floor makes me sweaty, I can feel my sweat trickles down from my pantie to my thight.

After over a minute of time, we finally arrived at the top floor. I remember this floor belongs to the C-suite executives, the CEO, COO, CTO, CMO, CFO.

But, what is Mila doing bringing me all the way up here? Am I going to meet the CEO so fast?

Just as I am pondering, Mila turns to me and says, “Let me show you your desk, so you can store your belongings in your locker before we start. Come with me.”

My desk is up here at the 103th floor? What is that about? Do all architectural designers work up here with the C-suite executives now?

After we walk out of the elevator, I follow Mila all the way down the hallway until we arrive at a desk placed outside of the office by the end, right next to its huge pair of wooden doors.

There, Mila stops her steps and turns to me. She shows her palm as she points at the desk, “This is your desk.” she said.

I am stunned, “This is my desk?”

She nodded, “Yes.”

What? I don’t understand, “Why am I sitting in the hallway?” am I dreaming or what?

While Mila’s face turns blank, “Do you have a problem?” she questioned.

Woah. This is my first day at work, or I’ll say, this is my first day at revenge, I don’t want to be kicked out before I could lay my eyes on Jamie Lee Peyton.

Hence at once, I shake my head rapidly as I deny, “I don’t have a problem, but…”

I turn my head and look around, I don’t find any workers having their desks in the hallway like I do.

I bend my waist and whisper to her, “Where’s the other designers?”

“The designers?” Mila answers as she gives me an odd smile, “They are in their respective offices.” like they should.

“Then why am I here?” I squint at her trying to make sure she is not making a mistake about my seat.

“Why are you here?” while Mila chuckles at me, she then points at the huge wooden doors next to the desk, “Because you’re the secretary of the person who is sitting inside this office.”

Wait, what? Did she just say I am a designer secretary? I thought I applied to be THE designer, not a secretary!

At the verge of losing my patience, I point at the same door as Mila is pointing at, politely I ask, “May I know who is now sitting inside that office?”

Mila walks to the door and points at the plate on it, “The CEO, Jamie Lee Peyton.” she said.

The CEO, Jamie Lee Peyton…?

“W-wha- Wait.” WHAT!?  “I am Jamie Lee Peyton’s secretary?”

Mila nods, “Apparently.”


“You were interviewed to be one.”

Believe it or not,  I’m almost crying! “I did not interview to be the CEO’s secretary!”

“Uh, yes you did.” before I could deny again, Mila takes the document out of the folder and points at the form I filled up on the day I attended the interview session, “You ticked on the box, see?”

As soon as I take a glance at the text next to the box I ticked, a creep runs down my spine turning my sight white and my face all ghastly.

The position that I ticked for my application was written——CEO Secretary. And the position I was originally applying for was just right under the box where I ticked. It seems like I made a mistake with the boxes...

“Well, Ms. Chandelier, I believe you will do a good job being the new CEO secretary. Welcome aboard.”

CEO secretary, hahaha, very funny… No, no, that’s not funny, THAT’S NOT AT ALL!


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