srinithi stepped backwards while closing her eyes she tripped her leg as there is no more floor, she was in air next month with few minutes gap to reach the ground, Mr. Stele shooted her with the gun and said "in case if you're still alive even after hitting to floor"

next minute a loud sound along with Don's scream, everyone thought srinithi's body fell on ground, but dylan held her and he is the one who fell on ground, this caused the sound

Don's anger gone into peaks, he hitted the men around him aggressively, even the people were also so scared of Don's anger, dylan signalled his men to go upstairs, dylan men went upstairs and shooted the people, don said "don't kill this bastard, I have some other special plans for him"

they nodded their head, don, liam and dhiren downstairs and found srinithi in Dylan's arms

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