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Love knows no status,

Love knows no age,

Love does not discriminate,

Love is not racist, 

The only thing love cares about is two hearts craving for each other.  

"I LOVE YOU" meant that I accepted you for who you are and in no way wish to change you into someone else.

It meant I will love and stand by you through thick and thine. 


"I LOVE YOU" meant I accepted your flaws, knew your darkest secrets but in no way ready to judge you for them, asking you to do same in return.


The message of the heart is that of love and lingering feelings in the eyes proves it.


The message love carries is in the pattern of ;

"I love you" Because you’re my happiness. 

"I love you" And ready to get hurt in your steed.


Love can fight with the world, overcoming all fears.

A story of an uneven poles, prince of a country, the most popular CEO and a nation's husband destined to be with a little girl from ordinary family.

She was completely the opposite of him and he was a man of power. She was the meaning of love to a man who thought never had any black mark in history.

What will his reaction be when a question tag is raised against him? 

Will she ever let him know his flaws?

Will he be ready to accept them?



You asked me what love is? You asked me if I understood it? Yes, I don't know what love is and never knew what it was because I’ve never felt it. 

You asked me if I knew the pain of loosing someone but I had never have someone to loose so how can I express.

You asked me what tears is but how exactly will I know what it is when I’ve never experienced it.

I don’t believe in love at first sight. And I don't believe in love at first kiss

but our first meeting left memories which were difficult to forget.

The kiss of your lips made me crave for more.

The more I chase you the more you kept running away from me.

The more I want to disclose my true intentions, the more you misunderstand me.

Not until I met you, I thought I had everything. But it all proved to be a waste after meeting you. I understood I had nothing, I understood what I was lacking in my life which was you.

I want you for eternity, I want you to hold unto death.

Whether you want me or not, I will have you at any cost se be ready be mine my love. 

I never knew I will become incomplete in the absence of you.

I know our bond is fake but the feelings for you in my heart is true.


I hate you, words are not enough to describe how much I hate you. Ever since you walked into my life, I’ve  always been sad and blue 

with your malicious plan. You took all my family and happiness away  from me. You made me the caged bird of yours.

Now, I have nothing but hatred from the deepest of my heart.

I promise to make you suffer more than I suffered. I promise to witness your tears more than the tears I shed. I promise I will make your life a living hell.

I hate you. I hate your every breath. From the core of my heart, you took away my happiness.

You made me loose my dignity.

You forced me to live in hell.

You brought my life into a danger zone.

I forgot how to smile because of an emotionless bastard like you.

You asked if I hate you? That's the truth, I hate you because you're no less than a monster.

I regret liking you, I regret wanting you, I regret meeting you,I regret everything.


He doesn't know whether he loves her or not.

she doesn't know whether to hate him or  love him.

He is dominant in his world and she is a free bird in her world.

He captured her in his cruel world but she captured his heart in her magical world.


In a dark black and red shades gothic room a man was sat in his chair while a girl simply wept infront of him.

“Become my queen and I will bring the world to your feet" He said.

she sniffed back tears “I don't want anyone other than my parents. Leave me alone.”

Feeling agitated by her words, he grabbed her chin "I can make your parents disappear from this world just by tapping my finger. Even if you complain, no one will believe you. You’ve tried many times, haven't you” He asked but she said nothing.

He felt irritated by her reluctance and fiercely pinched her chin which made her to flinch. "Answer me.” He said with a straight face, pulling her into his lap. “Sign it then because you've already experienced the consequences. So be mine." 

Her silent sobs made him loose his patience. He gave her a dead glare which made her wasted no time signing the documents.

He smiled satisfactorily to himself. “Fom now on, you'll do what ever I say, understand?" He asked and she instinctively nodded.

“These are the rules you should follow" He handed a paper to her with rules which read.

rule 1 : Do not reveal any informations about the contract.

rule 2 : Do not date anyone secretly.

rule 3 : You are not allowed to look at any man.

rule 4 : You must obey  your husband .

rule 5 :  We should be a lovey dovey couple infront of everyone.

rule 6 : No intimate touch. 

 “Sign this too" He said and she humbly obliged. “Rule 6 can be changed if you want." He added and she gulped.

“No.” She replied and he smirked. “You’re a devil in disguise”She grumbled underneath her breath and he glanced suspiciously at her. She swiftly turned away.




Can she make this contractual relationship into real?? 

Can she close the distance between them? Or will come to a dead end like the others? 

Find out more in this thrilling journey of the devil in disguise.

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