Male lead 

29 years old 

a royal prince heir of ROYECE royal family and CEO of DLR group of companies 

6 feet height quite charming and handsome no girl can escape from his charm

he is the most eligible bachelor in the country whom every girl desires to get in their life 

every man dreams to become like him but no one knows that he is a royal prince 

he is a dark beast but for whole world he is gentleman 

his only friends are dhiren william and liam Smith 


Side character 

46 years old

queen to ROYECE family mother to Don Lucas Royece she is a powerful lady and gentle woman 

she is the chairwoman of Royece group of companies 


side character 

52 years old

father of Don Lucas royece king of royece family he is the most admirable and powerful man ex chairman of royece group of companies 


side lead 

 29 years old

6 feet good handsome face, smart, brave and great family background 

childhood bestie of Don lucas he is CEO of william construction companies he belongs to a aristocratic family 

he is the only heir to William family he is rude, arrogant but sweet person


side lead

29 years old 

5 feet eleven inches 

childhood bestie and cousin of Don Lucas also business partner With Don as well as CEO of smith entertainment companies 

 he is sweet and cute guy at the sametime a playboy who makes every girl to fall for him head over heels and dumps them in single night 


Female lead

19 years old

5 feet 5 inches cute and extraordinary pretty face with beautiful heart 

a middle class ordinary girl but little baby girl to parker family as she is a gift to them after many years of their married life she is little princess to them 

charming and bubbly girl she is studying fashion designing in a famous college 

many boys are behind her for her endless beauty but the only guy in her heart is her prince Roy 

but she dont how he looks or where he lives 

her only besties are viola and salomi they're her childhood friends 


side character 

45 years old 

mother to srinithi sweet and gentle lady who adores her daughter a lot she runs a small pastry shop as cooking is her passion great mom and good life partner 


side character

50 years old 

father to srinithi gentleman, caring man and sweet husband who works in a small company 

his daughter is his whole world he loves her more than anything in this world 


side lead 

20 years old 

5 feet 6 inches cute and bubbly girl with curly hair 

childhood bestie of srinithi and second daughter of brown family brave and kindhearted girl 


side lead 

20 years old 

5 feet 5 inches cute and pretty girl with dreams to become miss universe 

childhood bestie of srinithi and family friends to parker family 

only daughter to miller family her father is a small business man who runs a travel company 

she is naive, innocent and sweet girl 




A guy known for his ruthlessness and cold aura, filled with darkness and without any light in his life. Not knowing what he craved for, he spent years as an emotionless monster who only got satisfied by someone's pain.

 Can such a man without emotions and affection, feel empathy and pain for someone's tears? 

He was the reason for her tears but she was the reason for him to feel complete. The light which he never experienced was brought into his life by her. The feelings and emotions he never tasted was introduced to him by her. 

Emotions and Affections which meant nothing to him, became his ultimate goal when she walked into his life. He felt she was a boon to his colorless life but she felt he was a curse, a black mark in his life.

The barriers of rude and arrogance built around him was invaded when she walked into his life like a torch bearer.

Will this light continue to the end or disappear along the line? 

Will this hope rebirth or he will forever remain hopeless?

She became his everything but will he become her everything by breaking the wall of misunderstanding between them?


story of a cold hearted man who lacks emotions chapter in his life to tolerate a love craving girl in his life in the name of marriage 

he married her with a reason she married him with hatred they both are born for eachother

the marriage without love the bond without meaning can it become a sweet love story will love blooms in their life???

She is a free bird who wants to fly to ends of the world with her growing wings he wants to cut her wings and  lock her in his love cage she wants to escape from him will he ever let her go from his cage???

He is man for ruthlessness she is a girl for kindness but destiny made them United will they be together as per destiny or will they split up with misunderstandings???

Will she ever love the person who is the reason for her shattered dreams???? Will he ever regret making her suffer just because he wants her???

he is a curse according to his mom and family he is a beast according to her but what exactly he is??? what is behind his dark heart??? what is hiding behind his expression less face??? what made his own family to hate him??? 

how he is going to succeed his throne by overcoming all the discriminations???? how he is going to make everyone to accept him??? will she be his support system or will she hate him forever???

Let's see this hearthrobbing love story of beautiful couples in upcoming journey 

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