Hey !  Wanna know more about me keep a deep view into my biography ...

It's me DON LUCAS ROYECE aged 29 years old I'm the leagal heir of Great Royece royal family traced its brith in the  Regan dynasty of Y country south sector...since 11 th century BC . 

I was born in a royal family but inspired myself to be a CEO of our DLR company . Because my sole effort is to build our company to be the icon with world's largest businesses network along with huge number of branching offices across the world. Investment and hard work  for my dream was on my fingertips .

Unknowingly as a curse I was born or grown up, lacking of  natural emotions indeed and I couldn't express or experience any feelings like anger, sad , pain ..... Nothing with others or in me , it's doubtful to my self?  I don't know what happened to me but my only focus to fulfill my dream ... So I am striving hard more than my ability.....

I tried hard to find that disability in me but failed every time... it's fate I guess or may be as everyone says I'm cursed....? 

I was the only son in my family dad's love and support alone made me to be independent and drove towards my dream.. mom neglected me since childhood I don't know why she is always mean to me 

she loves all my cousins and adores them a lot like her own kid but for her I'm a cursed species whom she feels burden to raise 

I craved for mom's love and affection upto my schooling age and adjusted my self not to put my self into hardship  eagerly awaiting for mom's hand over my head even god never have mercy on me the only one who cares for me is dad but he also passed away in a accident ...

At that moment of my life I was blessed with my caring crime partners and my good friends Dhiren and Liam with whom I can share everything but still I am not confident that I could have this friendship??  I don't know the actual reason why I am not supposed to trust my dearest and closest friends too I know it was not intentional again I moved on thinking indeed it also because my fate...

Dad last wish was to make me  the next king after him as I was his only son to take up  that throne ..

After obtaining my dream to be fulfilled as a last  resort I was agreed to take up the throne ...

at the age of 15 I left home by the name of studies in order to make my mom proud today I'm the well known richest business tycoon with my own hardwork without my family background 

still my family never cares about me but sends assassins to kill me what sin actually I did for them to treat me like this no one in this world literally loves for what I'm 

this world never know I'm the prince roy some says behind me I'm a ugly beast, rude, creepy person so I'm hiding form the world but nothing bothers me except my mom's hatred for me 

her words makes me world's weakest person the touch of hers which I craved for years made me to hate human touch 

I became a beast within human I hates everyone I hate being loved I hate being touched infact I hate myself what wrong I did to suffer all these not a single day I slept well without any nightmares 

Childhood is best boon in everyone's life but it is a curse to me being a no one though infront of me everyone present 

Spending days by thinking did anyone ever felt having me in their life is best thing the truth is except my dad for everyone I'm a burden but what was my wrong 

Tears stopped coming, anger strucked in heart, smile dissapeared finally I became a emotionless person

I believe in power because it can rule anyone and it can make anyone to be under my feet I'm a dominant king of my world I love dominating others I love the fear in other's eyes I love the fear in others that caused by me 

Others pain gives satisfaction to me killing was a piece of cake to me I have two pets a white tiger and a jaguar 

Demon is the name of jaguar and goblin is the nake of white tiger these both are with me always with me to be frank these both are my crime partners along with my crocodiles and piranhas I kills they makes dissapear every evidence 

People calls me with different names some says I'm handsome, I'm a true role model, I'm the man of every girl's dream and I'm nation's husband blah blah these all infront of me behind me they speaks everything in a opposite way like I cares about their shit I stopped believing and caring humans 

If I care anyone that is two people in this world dhiren and Liam others I never care whether they die or alive it never bothers me 

I'm a murderer who killed her husband according to my mom but how can I loose the only person who loves me but these people made me a real beast and murderer now I dont regret killing anyone who comes in my path because this is my own hardwork

dad's support builted a confidence wall in me with that today I'm here along with my supportive buddies for this world I'm a most eligible bachelor and business tycoon but no one know my dark side except two people that is dhiren and liam 

no girl can enter into my life no love can take place in my heart 

the rules of my life relationship emotions weakness soft corner

these are the rules that made me stronger so I cant break them at any time 

That's me seems simple but in reality it's totally a mess with huge number of responsibilities and huge number of enemies....

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Elijah Ago
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🙄🙄I really feel bad for him 😔

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