the beautiful sleep of mine and most beautiful dream with my prince was totally disturbed by my pets elle and noah still I can't get anger on them as they're my cute and sweet birds 

tim tim is snuggling into me I caressed his soft head I woke up and rubbed my eyes mom came inside with milk glass I hate it but she made me drink it forcefully my mom is so good but except in this milk situation 

I hugged her and snuggled she chuckled and said "baby dont you wanna go to college today" I nodded my head and said "I wanna mom because you know right vio and sals wait for me" she smiled and said "then get ready"

I nodded my head and took my phone as usual I wished good morning it's my habit I dont know whether they checks or not but for me messaging is a daily habit 

I got fresh up and came down I seen dad also got ready and came near dinning table while kissing mom's cheek they're the most lovely couple I love both of them so much 

I came and hugged dad he kissed on my forehead and said "my princess is growing so quick I think I should search a prince charming" I chuckled mom said "no need her prince charming will come for her while searching am I right princess" I gave thumbs up 

She smiled mom is busy so dad feeded me breakfast I completed my breakfast I kissed on mom's cheek and went near car 

After reaching to college I kissed on dad's cheek and left to college vio and sals are already waiting for me

Sals said "yaar you're late you know that" I said "I know baby but what I can do say it's not my mistake" 

Vio said "if you stop messaging right next after waking and if you get ready it might won't happen" I pouted because they're always behind my prince charming 

Sals holded my hand and said "dont feel bad buddy but we are saying truth he dont even remember you because it happened years back 

Moreover he is a royal prince whereas we are commoners we are still teenagers having crush is different but turning it into love is not a good idea 

We should remember our place and status too" 

I shook my head as no and said "love only cares about heart not other things he is important to me I dont want anyone other than him" 

I went to library in anger because it's not new to me they always says that only what if he is a prince will he forget me what about the thing he told to me 

You people are not understanding about what I'm speaking right fine I will explain listen 


It happened 15 years back that time I'm 5 years old 

Birthday party of prince lucas in Royece pristegious royal palace which is used by royal family people for vacation  

As our school is organized my royal family they invited students of our school to the party 

Me, vio and sals also went we are so small at that time teacher told not to leave eachother's hands 

But after looking at the palace my eyes widened and mouth too I'm looking at the palace suddenly power gone big big sounds came 

I'm scared I ran away from there I dont know where I landed finally I sat at a place and started crying because I lost the direction 

I'm weeping "mom sobb dad sobb vio, sals sobbb teacher"

suddenly thunders also started I became so scared I curled up like a ball 

Then I felt someone taking me into their embrace I listened a soothing voice "shhhhh you're okay be calm dont cry you're alright" I'm unable to look at his face due to darkness but his voice is so sweet 

He pulled cheeks and gave a stuffed toy to me and said "you look so cute I feel like I wanna marry you" I chuckled he pinched my nose playfully 

He brought me near my teacher and handovered me to her teacher said "thank you prince lucas" then I understood so he is prince Lucas I pulled his finger and asked "are you sure about what you said" 

He caressed my hair and said "yes doll grow fast and meet me" after saying this he went off

from that day I started liking prince Lucas 

There is a Instagram Id which was handled by prince lucas I created Instagram just for him from past 5 years I'm messaging him daily wishing him good morning and good night is my daily habit all teases me but I dont care because my prince charming loves me that's enough 


They both came and sat beside by showing a news article that saying my prince is a ugly beast and crippled my anger levels are in peaks how dare they to speak about my prince

Vio said "may be this is the reason why your prince never show up" I replied "I dont care because for me his heart is important not beauty" 

Then both smiled and said "then we will wish for your dream to get succeed" I chuckled 

we three went for class after class we returned back to home I seen mom in bakery I went there mom asked me about my day

I said everything she asked me to pack some cookies as a order came for take out I packed and gave to them 

we came back to home I laid on my bed and holded tim tim I asked "is he really ugly even if he is why I should care his heart is pretty right" he snuggled into me I smiled 

mom brought dinner I'm looking at the sky and having dinner I asked "mom is beauty important or heart is important" she replied "beauty never stays long dear heart is important" 

we both gossiped for sometime later I slept peacefully after messaging goodnight message to my prince I hope one day he'll look at these messages 

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