Violet and salomi never thought about consequences of their momentary aversion 

for them the problem solved but they don't know that they started the real fight right now 

eva started hating three of them already but this situation gave rise to poisonous grudge in her

she is eva stele one and only heiress of stele family she is daughter of richest man in the   city 

born with a golden spoon made her spoiled brat she thought anything can be won by money and power every student of the college envy her beauty and power the only people who goes against her is salomi, violet and srinithi 

though srinithi never fights with anyone but she becomes centre of attraction in every fight as she gets attention everytime from everyone 

eva always hated srinithi from the core of her heart though there is no perfect reason for her hatred 

20 days passed eva once again came to college she noticed other students strange look towards her 

she screamed "ahhh all this happened because of that bitch she tried every way to spoil my image she acts like innocent and acts like she always apologizes first to get good impression but in reality she is the one who makes the issue as big I will not leave her that easily" 

her friend zoya said "it's okay eva today there is a function in our college from last two years you're selected as college beauty queen if you get selected this time also once again your popularity comes back to you" 

eva smirked in satisfaction but she remembered a incident that happened few months back and said "I'm the best student every time but just by a single semester that bitch took my place"

zoya also thought for a second because eva is always first in studies no one crossed her percentage srinithi was a new student but crossed Eva's percentage in first semester only 

srinithi placed a special challenge to other students by that srinithi got great attention from everyone that is the first thing which made eva to hate srinithi 

everytime srinithi gets limelight from everyone without any effort that made eva to get anger srinithi is from a simple middle class family and she is a ordinary girl who got admission by a scholarship 

though she is a ordinary girl she is extreme talented no one believes that she is a middle class ordinary girl untill they knows because her way of speaking or walking everything will be in a etiquette manner like a high class girl 

where as she is a simple middle class girl this made everyone to wonder about her and she is a girl with many surprises inside her

sometimes people thinks she is born a fashion ruling family because of her talent but where as she is a daughter of a baker and a manager 

zoya said "it's okay eva its because of her grades but you know right she never have a fashion sense or branded clothes so nothing to worry about it" eva nodded her head 

they went into college auditorium the auditorium in charge students started counting the votes already eva observed srinithi and her gang already in auditorium which made Eva's anger to raise into extreme level 

but zoya calmed her they sat in their places 

violet : bunny whom you think can win 

srinithi : according to past records eva was the one who won always so I think now also as usual she only wins 

salomi : seriously did we came here to watch that bitch winning 

violet : let's go 

srinithi : guys be calm leave about past she got her punishment too no need of personal grudges on anyone let's be calm okay 




both violet and salomi sighed but agreed they three started gossiping and giggling where as eva is sitting with high confidence 

finally the announcement time came one of the host started speaking "hello guys how are you all as we know we all belongs to fashion world as we are future fashion designers and being a girl they have their own ways to look prettier so every year we are holding campus queen competition in that every student from our college votes to their favorite icon 

as usual we are having same competition this year too are you guys ready to know the result are you guys eager to know who is the campus queen" 

all students screamed "yeah yeah we are eager to know, we are waiting"

host said "okay guys time to announce count with me 3....2....1 eva stele" eva became extreme happy her face filled with proud look she smirked by looking at srinithi but where as srinithi having a pure smile on her face 

eva stood from her place to go near stage but host said "eva stele I'm sorry I mean this time you're not the one who won the campus queen title that's what I mean" everyone shocked by thinking if not eva then who is that 

eva fisted her hand the host said "I understood guys you all are shocked but the campus queen of this year is none other than our cute fresher srinithi parker" all students started applauding 

srinithi was beyond shocked but salomi and violet are extremely happy host came down and took srinithi to stage 

they gave a crown to her, srinithi is smiling genuinely without any proud feeling students started discussing "see no matter how talented srinithi is she is always sweet I never seen her proud" 

another student said "not like someone who flaunts because of family status" eva went out of auditorium in anger 

zoya said "I'm sorry eva it's all because of me" eva said "what happened zoya she won that's it na" zoya didn't understood anything 

zoya asked "are you not angry" eva said "no way I'm not angry" zoya and others are highly confused 

srinithi and her friends came out eva hugged srinithi and said "congratulations dear" zoya and everyone was shocked srinithi said "thank you senior" 

eva said "you're like my sister so you can call me sister dear and I'm sorry for my past behavior"

srinithi said "its okay sis" eva smiled 

srinithi went away zoya asked "are you out of your mind" eva said "no" and went from there 

salomi said "dont believe that cunning fox bunny" violet said "I agree" srinithi replied "as long as she wont hurt any of us let her play any game" they both nodded their head 

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