I never thought that I will win campus queen title because as everyone said it belongs to eve stele everytime then who voted to me 

whatever I need to say to mom she'll be happy more I excitedly ran to cafe mom is busy in making pastries and cookies by seeing me she giggled 

I smiled wide and showed crown to her she came near me and asked "princess what's this why you thought of buying a crown did you loved it" 

aww my mom I smiled widely and said "no mom I don't waste money on these items" she asked "then from where you got this"

I replied "in our college every year they selects a person as campus queen this year I'm selected as campus queen and they given this crown" 

I kept that crown on her head and said "my mom is the best queen" she hugged me I can see tears in her eyes I asked "maa why are you crying don't you like it" she said "Tomar jnno garbita princess" (Tomar jnno garbita means proud of you in bengali)

I replied "thank you mom" she kissed all over my face and said "a princess is always a princess anywhere" I giggled she kissed on my forehead and said "let's go early to home today and celebrate to your this achievement" 

I nodded my head excitedly after completing work early we went to home I got freshup and came down we made many special items 

chicken biryani (bengali/Indian dish), three best sweets of bengali flavor lobongo latika, rasagullas and Raj bhog

wanna know how we made then see at first lobongo latika A sweet for any and every occasion, Lobongo Latika is a crowd favourite. Maida, khoya, nutmeg powder, coconut (grated), ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamom, cloves and sugar blend beautifully to bring forth this heavenly traditional sweetmeat. The striking feature is how the pastry is well folded and sealed with a clove.

next rasagulla These spongy-soft round mishtis, soaked in sugar syrup, have become an icon of Bengali cuisine. One does not simply say no to rasgullas!

finally raj bhog The lip-smacking Raj Bhog is stuffed with dry fruits and made just like spongy Rasgullas. These yellow spongy soft balls flavoured and coloured with kesar will take you on a trip to heaven!

I wanna eat them just by smell I know dad will be more excited for this dishes

finally dad came by stepping into home he asked "what's special today" me and mom laughed 

mom told everything he hugged me and said "wawww baby girl you inherited the cuteness and beautiful features from so its common for you to receive this title" mom took a big spoon dad laughed he went for freshup 

after dad came we all had dinner I enjoyed sweets so much these are yummy yummy mom said "some sweets I stored in refrigerator princess tomorrow give them to vio and sals okay" I nodded my head 

I messaged to prince good night and asked how he is being later I told about campus queen title and slept peacefully by holding mom 

sleeping near parents is not ashamed feeling it gives peaceful and secure feeling because parents are the most trustworthy people in the world 

in the morning I woke up with gentle kisses on my cheeks as usual by my mom her soft kisses are best in the world 

I opened my eyes by looking at the most beautiful woman of the world it's none other than my cute mom 

I kissed on her cheeks and hugged her mom asked "did you slept well princess" I said "super well" she chuckled I took mobile and messaged to prince wishing good morning to him 

my mom knows I message to someone daily but she never questioned about it because she believes in me 

I got freshup and ate breakfast completely dad dropped me near college I kissed on his cheek and went to class 

by the time I reached to college already first period started fundamentals of computing design this subject involves software (at least at the level of designing the instruction set), and hardware as well at all levels: functional organization, logic design, implementation. it's quite interesting subject 

we are studying a combined course bdes textile and jewelry basically we can't take two subjects but I was selected by competitive exam

so I took two courses jointly not only me both vio and sals also took same like me

class completed I looked at vio and sals they're looking pale and dull what happened to them did anyone hurted them again 

they looked at me with pity feeling what happened exactly I took sweets box vio showed news 

my eyes widened and the box in my hands fell down that news is my prince is getting engaged to Olivia castello the heiress of castello family 

I said "it might be fake news" she showed my prince I*******m id he announced himself about the news

so all these days vio and sals are right I'm a fool who believed him always thinking he remember that promise but everything is fake today I understood I don't have even strength to speak 

I took my bag and went directly to cafe to take keys from mom to go home she asked "what happened princess" I replied "headache mom" 

she gave keys and asked me to take rest I went inside room and locked the door I sat under shower and let go of my tears which are eagerly waiting to fall 

pippin is looking me I said "he is sobb fake pippin he is bad sobbb" I'm hitting ground and crying like a crazy person I hate him I will never message him 

I dont want to see him sobbb why god why he fooled me🥺🥺 am I that fool according to him yeah I'm a fool who believed fake things and fake promises 😭😭😭😭


I'm sitting alone in the house I seen sri coming I thought to play with her but suddenly she started crying 

she never cry this much seriously I'm shocked I seen her loving a guy and messaging him though he never replies but today she is crying very bitterly because of that guy 

I'm hating to see her like that someone came again its vio sis and sals sis I took keys in my mouth and went near them I gave keys to them 

they opened room and brought sri out and made her to lay on bed I listened while they're speaking sri is having fever oh god what's this 

why a innocent girl like sri needs to suffer this much if I have strength I might kill that guy 

I wish Sri to become normal soon I'm waiting for it 

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