When did the two of you get married

Grandma don't be fooled by this kind of a woman. Doesn't she have eyes to see where she is going.l don't even believe that she came to work as a maid in the first place. What kind of a maid look like this. Malik replied after the oldlady accused him of shouting at a woman.

He just checked the young girl in front of him and couldn't find anything bad on her. What game did she think she is playing. This the Johnson family incase she doesn't remember. Play tricks won't help her. It will instead lead her into trouble. 

May be she was sent by our enemies. He continued to think in his mind. His eyes not leaving her entire body. 

Rim rose her head from the ground on the broken pieces of glass she been looking at for a while and stared directly in Malik's eyes.

What do you mean what kind of a maid look like this? Rim asked Malik. He was settled. No maid has dared to look him in the eyes and give him a question.Not even dare stand near him for a minute.

He looked all daggers but the girl standing before him wasn't the one that looked humble before. This time she exclude a different vibe.

The old lady  on the other hand had amused smile on her face. She is brave. Not bad she will put him in his place. It seems that l didnt make any mistake in bringing her here. She inwardly thought as her smile widely spread on her wrinkled lips. 

Who do you think you are to question my husband? Don't you know your status in this house? Tanasha who was standing behind the old lady also came in.

What husband when did the two of got married? The old lady inquired staring daggers at Malik. 

Grandma last week when we were in the states...... I will explain to you later grandma. Malik cut Tanasha before she completed the sentence. 

Rim felt that Tanasha's words didn't make any sense to her. In otherwise she just wanted to let Rim know that the man in front of her is her husband. It's not like am interested in him she pondered within. . She ignored her and faced Malik again nolonger trembling and said;

"Don't judge people before knowing their stories" .She wasn't stupid that she couldn't process what he meant by his words. Everyone who comes to visit will not believe that she didn't have another motive of coming to Johnson family and disguise herself as a maid.

Well she couldn't find a job and Rim didn't find it her fault at all. She was fed up with those words. Fed up with people who use her beautiful appearance to judge her. I didnt create my self. It's not my fault that am beautiful. 

With that said, Rim by passed him and wanted to go get a brush to clean the mess but she was held back by Malik.

Where do you think you are going? He asked angrily. He still doesn't believe that a maid wouldn't fear him. Wasn't she shaking earlier where did the nervousness all go then. She is looking down on me. He thought.

Apologize to me now he went on to say. Apologize my feet Rim thought to her self.

When Malik hold her back, Rim remembered the man that did the same five months ago when she was looking for a job. Same voice, slight chance in hair style but l think he is the one.

That man insulted her. What if he saved me. But what was the need to call me beauty without brain. And he is now thinking bad about me dream on that l will apologize to you. She thought to her self.Rim can be stubborn and disobedient at the same time. 

Holding Rim in his hands like that, Malik thought that the girl will apologize to him. But she didn't. Grandma we dont need this kind of a person who couldnt recognize her mistake. She must leave from here. He outtered.

No she can't leave l hired her because l needed her to serve me. Grandma defended Rim.How can she let her go now. The girl's character towards her ruthless grandson made her hope for anything. 

Let me go you are hurting me. Rim protested. She felt that the man's nails were going to pierce a hole into her shoulders.

Malik felt bitterness in his heart.He is the might Ceo of Johnson group of companies. How can a maid not take him serious. There will be a day that you will fall into my hands again. At that time l will make you apologies to me more than hundred times.He made a promise in his heart. 

He realesed Rim and she went in the store brought the brush and she cleared all the broken pieces.

After she was done, Rim told the old lady. that she wasn't feeling well that she needed to rest.She ignored the eyes that were sent towards her direction. The old lady granted her wish and she went to her room.

She didn't have appetite to have lunch at the moment.Rim fought hard to shed tears. Because they weren't going to help her in anyway. 

She planned to stay here for a year. She has been saving her every cent that is given to her as salary during the past five months. After a year, she wouldn't be able to stay here. She needs to have a better life. She believes that with the money for a year, she will be able to start some small business and settle down with her brother. Seven months Rim, just seven months to get rigid of this maid thing. She muttered the words before sleep took her off.

She had lived a princess like laugh before that incident happened into her life. It's no surprise that she is finding a maid job difficult for her. She used to be served but now she is serving others. 

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