His favorite car.

Rim didn't want to take the money. After all she is paid her salary.And thinking that there is no difference from her and other maids, she was really reluctant. But the old lady pretended to be hurt.She had no choice but to take it. Am so happy my child that you did something like that.

I knew it that you will make me proud one day. But l didnt expect it to be too soon. The old lady resumed her smile and said to Rim.Hmm training her into someone good won't be that diffucult. The old lady cheered with in. 

Hmm thank you grandma and don't worry l will do my best to learn everything slowly. Like a child that has been praised of doing something, Rim told with a beaming smile.

Hmm okay dear did you finish preparing yourself if not go and do it quickly because the moment Malik comes down, we will be leaving. The old lady informed. Magdalena please go check on others if they are done. By the way did you all finished having breakfast? The old lady continued.

No we haven't we will hurry up to eat madam by the time sir comes down we will be done with everything. Magdalena spoke out.

Hmm okay then better do that then. The old lady said and both Rim and Magdalena went to the kitchen. Rim sat down and started to eat her breakfast in silent. She then felt the need to have cold milk.

She stood up to get a glass to pour milk in it. Because the glasses were placed in the last drawer up, Rim had to jump to get it. She couldn't see what to step on to get it.

Malik who had came to get a water for drinking saw such a scene where by Rim was jumping.He stopped in his tracks and felt that his mouth had gone dry. Her bums could also go with the flow. Jumping up and down. 

The jumping Rim didn't even know that someone was observing her. She kept on doing the activity again and again. But the glass was also disobedient that she couldn't get in time. Shit!! She cursed and she was on the edge of crying. Actually Rim is a crying baby. Simple things can make her cry.She tried again but couldn't get hold of a glass. 

Malik didn't know what was wrong with him. But seeing her struggling, he was forced to go and use his tall figure to get a glass. Rim isn't a shortie of a girl, she is medium in height but the kitchen drawers were really placed so high.

Rim was shocked seeing the arrogant man helping her. Do you want to broke it? Why don't  you use other glasses that are near? Malik didn't know how to talk with people that's why he is ever quiet. He knows himself that whenever he opens his mouth, venom gets out of it.He looked at Rim his eyes now turned to emotionless that one can't read them. 

I wanted to use this but it was too far.Thank you anyway. With a angry face Rim told.

Malik didn't say anything else. He got water from the fridge and strolled out of the kitchen. Actually from the first time he saw Rim, he recognized her. The girl he saved from tear gas few months ago. 

He went abroad for an important business deal after that but the beautiful face of the girl kept appearing in his memories.No matter what.,it doesn't go. He never thought that he will meet her again and in his villa as a maid.Such a small world indeed. He thought as he made his way up the stairs. 

At that time she was dressed so beautifully in branded clothes and everything she had was of high class. That's why he got furious seeing her in maid's uniform.He still hasn't believed that she isn't after something.

Malik went to his room while drinking water. When he was done, he removed his clothes to go have a bath. He has been in the gym the entire morning.

He entered the bathroom, took the towel off to begin his suppose. As he raised his hand to get shampoo from the drawer in the bathroom, his mind took him back to that girl again. How her bums were shaking and jumping. Something changed with in his body and he cursed out loud. Why do l have to keep on thinking about her. Isn't she just a maid. A high class maid at that.Some part of him told. He didn't understand the logic there to the extent of branding her high class maid.

By the time he was done with every thing from baithing to dressing, everyone was ready to go except Rim who took time to comb her hair. She had spent a week without maintaining the hair. It had become thick making it difficult to comb this time. 

He looked around but he didn't see that girl among the maids. He somehow he felt disappointed not seeing her. He thought at first that she wasnt going.

Sitting in the car with grandma and the driver and also seeing the first car leave, he asked why they ain't leaving. We are waiting for Rim she should be here by now. Must we have to wait for a maid grandma?He questioned. Part of him is happy that she is going with him but another part doesn't want to. It's the same part that thinks the girl is upto something. 

And why is she sitting in this car.He inquired. This is his favorite car. No maid has ever sat in it. In fact he doesn't understand why grandma treats the girl so well.

That car is full there is no space for her the old lady said unbothered by his angry pretentious look. As he was about to say anything, Rim came out of the gate's villa in hurry.

She walked towards the car but saw she is delaying them. She decided to run instead. 

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