I will introduce you

Rim dressed in her clothes she prepared last night. She was looking too good in them. Malik found staring at her more than necessary. So maids dress like this. Hmm slowly by slowly her true aim will be out soon. Can a maid dress like this. Actually Malik loved her way of dressing but he was finding it difficult to accept it.

So sorry grandma to make you wait but l couldn't find my hair pins in time so l delaid. Rim apologized. The moment she sat in the car. It's okay dear we didn't wait that long. What's important is that you are here now. The old lady replied. And ordered the driver to start the car.

Rim sat in front with the driver, the old lady and Malik behind. If not the ring of his phone, Rim wouldn't have realized that Malik was also inside the car.She didn't see him when she entered.

The drive to Sand beach was in silent most of the time, only the old lady and Malik could exchange few words. took them only 45 minutes. It is Sunday making the road free of traffic.

They found the first car that brought the other maids at the entrance of the beach gate. They were waiting for Malik to pay for them.

Malik got out of the car and went to swipe his card. They all entered after his pay for the entrance fee.

They found two big tents and put their things in them. One for maids and the other for the Johnson family. 

You can go and have fun. We will call you to eat something. My son's family is also joining us and they are bringing food and other things. The old lady told the maids. 

They all left. 

Rim was happy to finally come to somewhere that reminded her of the things they used to do as a family. She sat on a bench near the water and saw how the waves were bouncing from one end to another. 

Her thoughts went to that she and her older two brothers last went to a beach. They sat in a boat and the waves could drop them from one end of the lake to another. They screaming happily. Afterwards her brother Zaid played with her as they pour water at each other. 

But now they ain't here by her side anymore. Rim found her self rubbing tears in the end. No l promised not to cry every time. Zaid and Moor wouldn't want that right?

After comforting herself, Rim took her clothes off. She had her red bikini inside so she remain in it. 

The music was playing loudly at the beach. She started dancing. She realized how much she missed that kind of life.Going to beaches, parties and other exciting places was their things. Where ever her brothers could go, they would take her with them. 

She was dancing and collecting sand around. She would pour the sand on her body and go in the lake to swim. Unknowingly she found herself enjoying what she was doing alone. She collected a lot of sand and made a heart out of it. Made small mountains and jump on them plus sleeping inside. She was having fun not knowing that some people were enjoying her show. She put her phone camera on and started filming herself and others found it good watching her do those things especially the old people who didn't want to go into the water. 

After some minutes, Rim needed rest. Thus she sat down on sand and put her legs in water. She was very grateful to the old lady who brought them on the beach. 

There was a sudden change in weather and it somehow became cloudy. Rim felt cold and took her feet away from water. She then saw a stall selling fruits not very far from where she was.

She got her back pack and strolled into the direction of the stall.she brought coconut juice and apple. Found a free bench and started eating. 

First ate apple and she was about having the coconut juice when the old lady called her through the phone. 

She went into the lake, wash her hands and clean every where that was dirty on her body. Then she wore her clothes and went to where she left the others. 

Rim these time didn't tie her hair into a ban like how it was when coming to the beach. She let them loose. 

Tanasha who just arrived few minutes glanced at the approach Rim and felt that her world was turning upside down. 

The girl had a figure well shown in the denim Jean. Her waist was clearly seen in her loose crop top. She wore easy sandals and one look at her, you believe that she comes from a rich family. 

She didn't like what she was seeing at all. She felt her felt becoming heavy. She was jealousy. 

Kim who is Malik's best friend and assistant at the office saw Rim coming towards them and he screamed out loud. Woow!! An angel is coming to us. So beautiful with a perfect celebrity figure. He was checking Rim not noticing the look his best friend was giving him. 

The old lady saw Rim coming and whispered some thing to her daughter in law Sarah Johnson who is also Malik's mother. They both smiled. 

As Rim was going to sit with the maids on the other hand, She heard her name being called. She then saw a woman that resemble that arrogant Malik smiling at her. She stood there not knowing what to do. Go to them or sat down. Am a maid why is she calling me to their family sitting. She wondered. 

Rim you have never seen my other family come here l will introduce you to them the old lady snapped at her. 

She glanced at the other maids who were busy eating food and then to Magdalena who gave her an encouraging smile. She decided to go to where she has been called.

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