Take my position

Rim this my daughter in law also Malik's mother. Next to her is lsaac Johnson Malik's father also my son. This Tariq Johnson Malik's youngest brother. Same age as you. Next to him is Malik you know him. And Tanasha here also. Plus Kim Malik's best friend..

The old lady finished her introduction. Helo Rim Tariq was the first one to great her and others went on. Helo she replied. Come sit next to me here who knows we will become friends. Tariq continued.

Seeing Tariq's carefree ways, Rim was again reminded of her brothers. She slowly went and sat down. From now on wards am your elder brother. Okay! Tariq suggested. No am the oldest why do l have to call your big brother. Rim said rolling her eyes to him.

How old are you? Tariq asked. Am 19 and you Rim replied. I just turned 20 yesterday. See am the oldest Tariq said proudly. OK fine big brother. Rim called him and Tariq beamed with a smile.

Rim am 27 will you date me. Kim on the other hand asked. No uncle.. Rim denied straight away and the people all laughed at him. Am not that old. Am not that old to be called uncle Rim please don't call me that. People laughed even more.

Kim and Malik are of the same age 27.So Malik felt that he was hurt when Rim said uncle to Kim. That means he is also uncle in her eyes. And 19 she looks like 22 or 23 years. Still young.he thought.

After eating Mrs Sarah asked to move around with Rim. The old lady wanted to rest. So the rest of the Johnson family member each find what to do in the beach.

Is she really a maid? Why do l think that your family treat her very well? Kim asked Malik as they walk towards the lake shores. Am really confused too. Grandma l think she is upto something which l dont understand. 

Could it be that she wants her for Tariq? I mean they are of the same age.

Shutup what nonsense are you spatting? Am done with this conversation. Malik roared leaving Kim speechless. He didn't understand what wrong word he said in the statement that made his boss and best friend mad.He sighed and run after Malik who was few meters away from him. 

Malik didn't know why he felt like suffocating at the mention of Tariq and Rim together. 

Sarah Johnson and Rim strolled towards the area with the swing in silent. They soon reached one of them and sat beside each other. 

So Rim how are you? Sarah greated

Am fine aunt how about you? Rim replied. 

Also fine. Sarah said. You are wondering why l offered to walk here with you right? She continued. 

Hmmm was Rim's reply. 

Mother actually told me everything about you Rim. Sarah said and Rim furrowed her brows which did escape Sarah's eyes. Thus she laughed and went on to say;

She is my mother in law. But as the year went on, she became my real mother a best friend and advicer.She is a down to earth person Rim. 

So my dear she didn't tell me about you because she is too talkative or because she can't keep secrets, but because she loves you and care about you too. She wish the best for you. She doesn't want you to be crying all the time like you have been crying during the last five months you spent with them. 

Dear you need to be strong so that people will not look down on you. Don't show anyone your weakness because it might be used against you. 

When mother told me about you, l see myself in you. I had the same situation just like yours no mine was worse l think. Luckily for you, there is a brother that you see and care about. But l was left with nothing in this world. 

My entire family was killed in front of me and l couldn't do anything about. And on top of that, l was about to sexually abused. All thanks to mother in law that l was saved from that tragedy. 

Am now over those things though it took me a while. So dear am requesting you to move on. Life is too short to be miserable all the time. You can take us as you new family. Talk to us if anything is bothering you or if you want anything to do. 

I dont have a daughter. God only gifted me with two boys. You can be my daughter if you want too. I will be happy about it. Will go shopping in the mall, touring together and other mother daughter stuffs. When am moving around town and see other mothers with their daughters, l feel jealousy that l dont gave one. My boys are ever minding their business they don't have time for me. Sarah finished 

May be Rim had missed her mom very much during the last five months. When Sarah mentioned going for shopping together, her mind took her back to that time she and her mother did the same. When they took Tamim to the park together and how she and Tamim were fighting to sit on their mother's lap. At the end her mother told her to sit and told Tamim.. I only have one princess since your a man, sit on the ground. Tamim bursted into tears. Momm.. 

Un knowingly Rim found herself smiling. She just snapped out of her thoughts and then started crying. She run into Sarah's embrace crying. 

May be because Sarah's height and size are the same as her mother. Rim found her embrace warm and she sobbed even more. Mom.... She called out. 

Tanasha who was looking forward to have a word with her mother in law, found such a situation. Why do l think this girl is taking my position slowly by slowly. She muttered to herself.

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