Sealed her mouth with his

Rim got out of Sarah's embrace. She was about to ask her some questions but then she caught a glimpse of Tanasha staring at them as she came nearer. So Rim hesitated.

Mother in law here you are! I was looking for you everywhere. Tanasha choroused not sparing Rim an eye like she is invisible.

Ahh Tanasha l have been here all along what is it you want to tell me. You can go a head. Sarah replied.

When Rim heard that Tanasha wanted to have a word with her mother in law, she said;

Mom l will leave the two of you talk. Am going in the water now.

Okay dear but be careful. Don't drown yourself okay? Sarah replied to her. Okay l will was Rim's reply before she disappeared out of their sight.

She went straight into the bathroom and changed her red bikini to pink one. After she was done, she tired her hair into two big pigtails. She also applied pink lipstick to her lips before she went down near the lake. She started taking selfies.

Every thing she could find, she will pose on it. By the time she reached into water, Rim had taken more than fifty selfies. Flipping through them, She felt good that they were all good looking.

Putting the phone back into her backpack and leave onto the surface near by, Rim dive into the water.

Suddenly the waves came and they were too powerful. Even if She is a good swimmer, Rim lost her stamina somehow. She started to cry for help but it was unfortunate that there wasn't people around. The area where she was a bit far.

Because she was shouting earlier, the water entered her mouth and she started suffocating. She could breath at time thus she fell back into the water.

Sarah had finished talking to Tanasha and seemed that the conversation didn't go well between them. She was some how annoyed that she had such a daughter in law. She wondered why her son the smart person he is failed to get someone more disciplined.

She went to where her mother in law who amhas just woke up from a nap and sat down.

Where you able to talk with her about it? The old lady asked.

Yes but she denied everything mother despite the fact that l showed her evidence. Sarah replied.

Its okay Sarah let's wait for sometime. Her true self will be revealed to Malik in few days. As for now let's not bother about her. The old lady replied.

Hmmm OK mother l got it.

Hey mom and granny where is Rim. My friends just came l want to introduce her to them. Tariq was beaming with a smile. She went for swimming may be she is done by now check her over there. Sarah replied her son.

Tariq went and look for Rim but didn't see her, he saw other maids and asked them about her. But they knew nothing about her whereabouts.

He continued to search everywhere until he found Malik, Kim and Tanasha on a table eating fish. Did anyone of you saw Rim around l cant find her anywhere. They all shook their heads.

Okay l will still look for her. Tariq said. But after he had just walked few steps, the sound of someone saying there is a person in water. And she is a woman she seems dead. Come people we help her.

His words drew the attention of people nearby as Tariq was approaching nearby, his eyes landed on Rim's backpack.

Rim?!!! That person must be Rim. He shouted to the people behind him. Malik, Tanasha and Kim who didn't take any second to pass.

They all went to rescue her.Sure enough the girl was Rim. She wasn't breathing. Her eyes closed. Her body soft going in every direction that it's turned to go. 

A man carried her from the water before he reached the land, Malik requested her from him. You know her, the man asked. Yes her to me. 

He placed Rim on his shoulder and ignored the about to cry pitiful look of Tanasha. He carried her to the tent where the elders were resting. Tariq strolling behind. Plus Kim and Tanasha who didn't found the need for Malik to take Rim by himself. There was Tariq and Kim why did he have to do it.She asked her self.

And the urgent care and look of panic in his eyes made Tanasha so jealousy. Malik had been avoiding her for almost a year. He didn't touch her even though they were married. 

She strongly believe that if it wasn't that collaboration between her father's European company and the Johnson group of company, Malik wouldn't have married her. 

She long known that he run out of love with her for along time. This is because the mistake she made. She thought that he wouldn't know but he is the might Ceo of the Johnson group of companies. He could get any information he wants. 

She thought that if they are bonded with marriage and even gave birth for him, he will consider that and resuming to love her like he used too. 

Thus she requested her father five months ago when the two companies were going to sign an important deal. She requested him to put a condition that Malik must marry her first before they sign the deal. 

To her amusement, Malik didn't blink even an eye when he accepted the condition hence they got married in Europe. 

What made her sad was that on their first night together, Malik slept in another room not with her. The next day she complained, he came back all wasted with alcohol that he can barely help him self. Her plans hasn't worked till now. 

And when they came back, Malik hasnt been himself. It's like he mind is destructed with something. But seeing the care he and his family give to that maid, she feels bad and scared about it. Even his family members act like they didn't put into action their marriage. They sleep in the same room now but accept talking few words, there is nothing bmreally between them like a married couple. 

Malik put Rim down. What happened to her? The old lady and his mother asked in unison. She fell in water. Tariq replied. Did you give her any first aid? His mother asked. No Malik replied. 

For God's sake Malik weren't you once a doctor? Why didn't you first give her one before carrying her all the way here? What if she.... Please mum stop. He will do it but she doesn't have clothes how will he have done it there. Everyone could see her naked. Said Tariq. 

Malik gave her airway by tilting her head back and lifted her chin. He didn't care about others and there words. 

He concentrated on seeing whether her chest was rising. 

After few minutes, he pinched her nose closed, he took a deep and normal breath. He then closed her mouth with his.

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