Avoid Malik

Saying so, Malik like a ghost disappeared from where he was in no time and was in front of Rim who didn't see that coming. She was settled as they stand face to face his eyes boring into hers. Run her mind advised. Putting that into action, Rim took few steps backwards only to be pulled back by Malik's strong hand. Where do you think you are running too. He told into her ears. 

. The scared Rim actually found his voice nice listening too. But she knows very well that standing in the embrace of a married man like this is a wrong thing. So Rim shouted;Let me go. She never knew that he will actually come to get her. Was he that free? Isn't he married to be outside this time?! She wondered.

Why should l didnt you ask for it? Malik responded. Rim got more scared as she heard the roughness and coldness in his tone. Trouble she inwardly said.she then heard him say ;

Those who are disobedient get punished. Am your boss when l tell you something, you have to do it.

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