Re union

When they got everything they wanted, they immediately went to the airport that night. Tariq was left incharde of the company.

Malik and Kim's flight took six hours to land in the UK. It's was already morning there. They wasted no time and went to the address that Mrs Zamoore gave them.

Rim was waiting for the nanny who take care of Aayan to come so as she may go to work. When the door rang, she felt that it's the nanny and went to open it. She was still in her night gown and she didn't care since the nanny is a woman

She was surprised to find that it wasn't the nanny but the man who broke her into pieces. The one that gave her sleepless nights. The one who broke his promises.

Without saying a word, Rim gently closed the door. And went inside to attend to her crying baby. Her heart was aching now. What does he want now? She could only ask herself.

Malik stood at the door quietly not leaving. The nanny came and Rim prepared herself for work when she

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Maureen Herrera
Great story, but I must say, u need to get another editor bc this editor didn't tell you that u have many spelling & punctuation mistakes. You also do not have any quotation marks which makes it very difficult to know where each conversation starts & stops, which affects the flow of the story.
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Lynette Martin
Ur story line was very beautiful
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