Chapter 30. 30

Jones(Abbadon’s) POV

‘Wow, I can’t believe that she has really given birth to the solution to the major problem of the universe.’ Lucifer says as he, me, James and Marigold make our way to my room.

I mind linked my brother to share the amazing news with him and immediately he received it, he came.

‘I can’t believe my best-friend is now a mother.’ Marigold says for the thousandth time.

‘Gold, you have been saying that ever since you heard the news.’ James says with a sigh as he draws Marigold to his side.

‘I am also quite astonished that we have finally gotten something that will keep my evil brother off forever.’ I also say with a sigh.

‘Abbadon, now that the child is here, you need to tighten the security system here.

Asmodeus can be very scheming and you do not need me to remind you of that.’ Lucifer says with a

Mcheidi J. Aniston

this bring us to the end and I want to say a big thank you to anyone out there who embarked on this journey with me, anyone who supported me and motivated me to go on. And a big thank you to God for the strength, knowledge and ideas. Thank you all for reading, stay safe

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