chapter 3.3

Jones’ POV

’Come in’ I say just as I here a knock on my office door.

There is no need to ask whom it is since I already know the one behind the door.

’sir..’ She says awkwardly as she steps inside the office, keeping as much space as she can possibly keep between us.

And I am really happy she has done that because the fucking mate bond is now even stronger.

Now that she is close to me, I can’t seem to have keen focus on anything except her intoxicating scent and the up and down of her chest area.

Even though I hate her and wish she was never even born, the bond which has gained so much strength now is making me feel so attracted to her.

It is making me so unfocused and restless at the moment.

The damn mate bond is making things more difficult for me.

It wants us to be together real quick, quicker than I want.

I know I have to find a way as soon as I can to make her get attached to me in every way possible.

If I do not do it as quick as possible, the damn mate bond will do it in its own way, which I know will be anything but pleasant.

In as much as I hate to admit it, I live everyday for her and if I do not get her to be with me in the shortest possible time, I will be the one to suffer more.

Even though I hate her with passion for her being my mate, I have to agree she is really beautiful in any way a woman woman will be described as pretty.

She is not bad at all. She has in fact by far exceeded my expectations.

She has soft blond locks which I find myself adoring, a pale flawless skin, cute luscious heart shaped lips painted in red hot lipstick and a very beautiful and perfect cute nose that fits her round face so well.

Her body too is just perfect, just like what I am attracted to.

She has not so big boobs, a flat belly, rounded hips in the right places, beautiful legs and nice tiny waist.

She is about a height of 5’3, which suits her very well.

She is wearing a pair of female sandals which makes it easy for me to know her height with ease.

Just thinking about been nice to her already makes my blood boil with rage but I have to do it.

Not for her but for myself and my own interest.

I know she has been wondering about the incredulous strength she has acquired and how I hunt her in her dreams.

All these problems she is facing, I am the only one who can relieve her so literally, she will also enjoy some merits. It is like a two way thing but one thing I know for sure is that I am definitely not doing this for myself but not for some weak girl.

’Miss Parrish, please have a seat.’ I tell her, flashing her one of my well practiced fake smiles, trying so hard to look as polite as possible.

I hear her heartbeat pickup its pace, thanks to my demon abilities.

A light smirk form on my lips when I read her mind and see she is already fantasizing about being my lover.

’I have read through your files and I have seen that you are very hardworking and good with what you do even though you joined the team recently.

Due to that, I have decided to give you a promotion from a regular working nurse to my personal assistant.’ I know my excuse is pretty lame but it is the only idea I can think of at the very moment that is going to help me keep her closer to me.

I can sense her confusion so I decide to repeat my earlier words again.

’I mean, I want to give you a promotion to be my personal assistant. Do you accept it?’ I ask her, staring at her face intently.

’It sounds a bit confusing that you would want to give such a promotion to a newcomer. Nonetheless, I am very grateful for it and I wholeheartedly accept it. Thank you sir!’ She says, her earlier state of confusion gone with the air.

’You are welcome. You may now go and do whatever it is that you need to do today. Your office will be ready earliest tomorrow morning.’ I tell her and without waiting for her to even give me a response on my previous words, I throw another question at her.

’Wait.. if you do not mind me asking, are you by chance the only daughter of the famous Parrish family?’ I know the answer to this question but I decide to act oblivious.

’Yes sir, why? If I may ask.’ She throws back at me.

’Nothing. I am just wondering why you choose to work here whiles your family owns a bunch of companies around the continent.’ I tell her, looking at her face seriously, scrutinizing her for any emotional reactions.

’I choose to work in this place because of my deep passion for nursing and I think what I decide to do with my life is my sole business.’ She says with furrowed brows, already getting pissed.

I guess the accusatory look on my face while I was asking her the question has got her over the edge plus I also think she is not used to people questioning her choices.

But to hell with her and what she wants. She is mine and I can ask and do whatever I want to do with her.

She exits the office, closing the door with a loud bang and I swear it could collapse the building if not for its firm standing.

It is a big disrespect to me but I decide to let her awful manners slip this time around.

She did not turn down my earlier suggestion and that is what is important now. She will certainly come back tomorrow so I decide there is no need for me to go after her, bring her back to my office and teach her some manners.

Then again, I will let her know who the real boss is, the one who has the final say, once I take her to my world.

She will learn to respect me in the right ways.

I do not give a damn if she is a princess here on earth. Once we go to my realm, she is going to have to learn the ways of a mistress or even a servant the hard way!

Author’s note;

Thank you for reading, stay safe.

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