Amber was dreaming, but like everyone else who dreamt, she did not realise that she had tumbled down the rabbit hole….

‘She was standing alone in a semi-darkened room and mist surrounded her. A single window was positioned above her, allowing a little bit of light to stream down into the room.

“Hello?” she called out nervously, trying to see what lay ahead of her.

She took a few steps forward cautiously with her arms stretched out, not wanting to knock into anything when suddenly she bumped into something soft.

She looked down and gasped. The mist that enveloped the room earlier on began to dissipate to reveal the body of a battered man lying at her feet. He was chained in shackles and curled up like a cat.

Then to her horror, the man stirred. Amber tried to run but for some reason, her movements felt heavy, as if she was underwater. She could hardly move at all.

Help! She wanted to call out but her voice was stuck in her throat.

“Amber…” a dry, hoarse voice called out.

Amber froze, the voice was oddly familiar. Her eyes travelled down to the man’s bruised and bloodied face. The man looked at her.

“Save me….”

It was her brother, Anson.’

Amber jolted up from her sleep, her heart still beating rapidly from the nightmare. The blazer which covered her chest earlier on fell onto the carpeted floor.

Where am I? she wondered, confused, a part of her mind still trapped in the darkened room where her brother lay.

“Hello there,” a voice, deep and seductive called out from beside her, startling Amber. She looked to her left and to her surprise, she came face to face with Fabian Williams. He had a bemused look on his face.

Her eyes widened in horror and she gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth as she realized what had happened. She had fallen asleep on her job! First the broken glass and now this! She was going to lose her job.

She jumped straight up to her feet and started to apologize, “I’m so sorry Mr Williams! I shouldn’t have fallen asleep!”

“Call me Fabian, ” he remained seated with an elbow propped up on the sofa and a hand supporting his head as he looked at her with a lazy smile.

“I’m so sorry Fabian!” she corrected herself, bowing down. Her hair flopped over her head.

‘’You snored,” he said simply.

“What?” her head shot up, her hair flipping backwards. I don’t snore! Anson never said anything about me snoring!

Fabian started to laugh. He was having fun pulling a prank on her.

“You went on like a train,” he roared with laughter.

Embarrassed, Amber quickly went to gather her heels only to be stopped by Fabian. He grabbed her hand, sending a tingling sensation throughout her body.

“I had you booked through the night,” he said, still chuckling. Amber looked down at his hand, they were big and warm. A part of her wished for him to keep holding onto her hand. It felt nice having someone like him close by.

“Cecil won’t be bothering us.” He had stopped laughing by now and a dark and intense look replaced his face.

At his words, her cheeks began to flush crimson red and Fabian took her shyness for discomfort. He let go of her hand, much to her disappointment.

“You may go now,” he said simply, startling her. She wished to tell him she wanted to stay, but she certainly could not do that. After all, HE was the customer.

She nodded, feeling dejected and fished for her heels again. Fabian’s dark and intense gaze following her every move as she bid him goodby and moved towards the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Amber.”

Tomorrow? Her heart skipped a beat. He wanted to see her again!


It was only much later when Fabian had left that she began to wonder if he said the exact same words to every woman he met.

Amber Banks, you’re just a waitress to him, nothing more, she berated herself even as she peered into the road leading to the entrance of La Fire for her brother. Anson was running late. He had promised to pick her up, it was nearing four in the morning and still, there was no sight of him. Most of her colleagues had already left for home, and the few who remained stood huddled together to keep warm.

Her nightmare from earlier on came back to haunt her, making her worry, Quickly she pulled out her old silver iPhone from her backpack. There were no missed calls from Anson.

Strange, that was unlike her brother. He was normally very responsible and would call her if he was running late or if he couldn’t make it. A gentle breeze blew in her face and Deja Vu washed over her every pore.

Please let him be okay, her hands trembled slightly as she dialled his number. Anson only picked it up on the tenth ring.

“Anson! Are you alright? Where are you?” she was practically shouting into her phone. Nearby, George, the bouncer looked up. She smiled sheepishly at him and moved a few feet away.


Laboured breathing could be heard at the other end of the line. Then a whimper. Something must have happened.

“Anson? Are you okay? Answer me please.”

There was a brief silence on the other side of the line as if Anson was struggling to find the right words.

“Anson?” Amber was exasperated now.

“Amber?” He had been crying. His voice was hoarse and dry, just like in her dream.

“Amber, please….save me.”

“What happened?”

A pause. And finally, the revelation.

“I killed someone.”


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