Fabian Williams was furious. And rightly so.

What the hell is she doing?!

He had started the day with a blast - his company had successfully acquired the Silverware, a company from New York specializing in virtual reality systems. He even declined the offer to celebrate the victory with Elon Musk just so he could come to the La Fire Club to see her! Elon Musk! He had turned down the great Elon Musk just to find out that Amber Banks was auctioning herself off!

Damn it! Has she gone mad?!

Fabian stood in a darkened lounge lit with low lights on the first floor of the La Fire Club. The lounge was big as it was spacious, with plush armchairs sprawled around and scantily clad women serving drinks in sheer lacy kimonos. A few men were here, some of whom Fabian knew and some he did not bother to get to know. These men were here for one thing and one thing only. Sex.

Fabian himself had been here before, he had even ‘purchased’ a few

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Joan Dare
Silverware? Is this from Smoke and Mirrors??? Are they related?

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