Chapter 6: The Scarlet Suit

It was another day for the homunculus to survive, his stomach is growling in hunger as he looks inside the fridge. It’s nothing but an empty fridge on display. He needs to buy something to eat, but as far as he concerns the Homunculus is just a few years old, unable to do chores by himself since he used to be pampered by his so-called father.

The only thing he could make was a tepid coffee that Mizuno taught him, he likes the americano particularly. Iced americano particularly feels fresh for the homunculus to drink, he finds it strange afterward that he’s unable to sleep after drinking that delicious drink. He’s unknown to the liquids substances and the caffeine he chugged on for years affects his sleeping schedule.

Mizuno once scolded him for being addicted to the caffeine, but it was too late for Kazuto since he’s already ingested the caffeine in his veins as if it’s his blood. Kazuto drinks his americano, sipping the tepid coffee, he expects to see the son of Mizuno drops by. However, he never once visits him after a few days passed by.

Hunger took over his senses, he wanted to eat something for the living being inside his body. He’s excruciatingly famished for human souls, killing is his source of food since he gets to devour human souls for the Goddess of Death who resides within him. However, Mizuno taught him that killing people is wrong.

“You can live normally, as long as you’re away from that father of yours” Mizuno’s words reverbs inside his mind as if reminding him of the sole reason for him staying in Ikebukuro. “You’ll live normally as a human being, not as a killing machine, not as a deity”.

Kazuto had a flashback with the professor constantly treating him nicely, like a regular human instead of an outlet or tools. Not long after, he hears the doorbell ring at the front. Remembering what Mizuno always told him, he peeks through the peephole and sees the familiar man who guided him to the apartment.

He stands tall in front of his door in confidence, still wearing his scarlet suit as his brilliant azure eyes stare at the peephole boldly. 

“Knock knock, are you at home?” the man asks politely with a smile. “I want to check up on you since it’s been a few days after your first stay, are you accustomed to Ikebukuro?”.

Kazuto opens the door for the stranger who helped him the other day, he nods nervously as his stomach then rumbles loudly right in front of the man. The raven-haired gentleman gasps but soon later replaced it with the sound of a slight chuckle. He offers Kazuto to treat him a meal since Professor Mizuno requested him to take care of the homunculus.

Kazuto is still unsure whether to accept his offer since he’s a stranger, Mizuno always tells him to be wary of his surroundings and other people’s intentions. However, before he could respond to him the young man, fainted on the spot as hunger makes him lose his energy.

*     *    *

“Fainted? What happened to him?” Cain grabs Kazuto’s back before he is able to collapse on the floor. 

His stomach continues growling as he collapses, Cain surmises that he hasn’t eaten anything for days. It was strange since he knew Professor Mizuno’s son is around for a few days, looks like the man doesn’t have the initiative to treat him to something while they’re hanging out together. 

It was also the reason why Cain is absent, he doesn’t want to invite the son to suspicion by being there when he’s around. Mizuno’s son has been quite sharp and careful, he wouldn’t want Shinzou to sniff his tracks. Setting aside that matter, he needs to feed the poor boy food, he’s surprised that Shinzou is neglectful as the rumors say.

Cain carries Kazuto bridal style, putting him on the couch of his apartment before leaving him with his key apartment. It’s unsafe to leave the apartment door unlock while the owner of the apartment is unconscious. The gentleman carries on as he exits the apartment, locking the apartment with a key he found on top of the kitchen counter.

He’s uncertain about the boy’s favorite food, he himself is twiddling his finger since he hasn’t eaten anything for breakfast as well. He strolls through the morning street as he passes a bakery on the side of the road. It’s a tranquil bakery, barely anyone spotted entering the young woman bakery despite its lively look from the outside.

A girl in a ponytail looks at the handsome gentleman as he makes his grand entrance to the bakery, treading elegantly with a smirk. Cain browses the counter for loaves of bread and other food for himself and the unconscious boy. He picks a strawberry sandwich, the favorite flavor he loves.

He also picks a plastic can of pudding, chocolate bread, and bread loaves for the boy to eat in the morning. Cain puts the items on the designated spot on the counter, he asks the lady charmingly about the price making the young woman blush with his seductive smile. She blushes as she receives the payment from the handsome gentleman.

“Thank you for the bread milady” Cain cups her fore palm. “I will be on my way then”.

The lady swooned by his suave sultry words, he can see her screams internally as she tries her best to cover her blushing face. After exiting the bakery, his charming face immediately turns into normal, switching his personality as fast as the lightning. He was feeling a bit perplexed by the fact the supposed caretaker wasn’t there to take care of the fainted boy.

“This is not what I signed up for” he mutters quietly as he sighs. “My mission is to retrieve him, not to babysit him”.

He thought of dropping by Shinzou’s house, but it would attract his unwanted intention if he gets too close to him. 

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