Chapter 12: Hidden Azure

Cain walks to the nearest sushi bar, the man sees the homunculus sitting obediently like a dog, possibly waiting for his tuna sushi. It’s hard for him to make some sense in the homunculus. He’s a baby inside that young man's body of his, he can’t be bribed with something like fame or money.

The homunculus doesn’t understand the concept of money and fame. Kazuto wants tuna sushi the most, he doesn’t seem to care about the luxurious offer. After the sushis are prepared on the table, Kazuto munches the sushi-like there’s no tomorrow. His appetite for food is questionable, it’s certainly going to make his wallet dry if this keeps going.

“You’re drying my wallet, but it looks like you’re enjoying your meal” Cain gives him a painted smile. “Are tuna that yummy?”.

“It is! I never taste these before” Kazuto admits it openly, like a child. “When I’m still little, my dad always bought me junk food! It all tastes the same though”.

Kazuto answers giddily, unaware that Cain somewhat felt sad for the poor young man. All his life, the young man probably only tastes instant food. However, Cain suddenly remembers the time when he was at his home. Even if he was at home, he never felt secure being surrounded by adults who constantly yelled at each other.

“You’re thinking about something” Kazuto pat his back. “My professor likes to pat my back when I’m sad”.

Kazuto’s sudden touch surprised the informant, the man tries to hold himself from fidgeting too much. Cain looks at the back of the sushi bar, afraid that Shinzou might pass by since they’re in the area near the police station. The cleaners reported that Shinzou was on their way to the police station.

That would only cause more difficulty on his end, the informant could have bribed the police but he wouldn’t want to incur the homunculus father’s wrath. Masaki is a person who has various connections to the authorities, and the man wouldn’t want to hear that someone else other than him reported the missing homunculus.

It would make matters more complicated than before. Cain smiles at Kazuto, trying his best to divert Kazuto’s attention from the streets. However, his smile soon fades when he sees a familiar figure appears from the seas of human. It’s Shinzou, the man walks sloppily to the police station.

He must have been appalled, knowing that the homunculus he’s supposed to take care of disappear into thin air. The cleaners are following him closely without being noticed, the perks of being short. Shu was trailing behind him with a straight expression, while the rest of the cleaners members are spread out to keep an eye on Shinzou.

“I want another” Kazuto begs the informant. “That one looks different”.

Kazuto begs the informant to buy him tuna mentai rice, which looks delicious but the informant knows how unhealthy that food is. It’s full of fat that’s for sure, as a man who prioritizes health above all, he rarely eats carbs and fried foods. His only weakness is ramen, miso ramen that warms him up.

As Kazuto orders a new dish, the informant looks behind him. He had his anxiety on the roof. 

*    *    *

Shinzou felt responsible for losing him, the young man is an infant at heart. He notices his childish behavior from the beginning. However, his mother's words still linger in his mind. She explicitly told him that the young man is an infant at heart. He would never have thought he would get lost.

Perhaps, someone kidnapped him at night when he’s not around. Since he knew his mother's big brain can cause disputes and conflicts, he somewhat know that the young man is no ordinary man. Maybe he is related to Professor Mizuno’s disappearance, but his heart says that it was too late.

“No, get a grip me” Shinzou whispers to himself. “It’s not like he’s lost forever! I can report it to the police”.

However, it was then that he found a child in the middle of the crowds. The young boy looks down, crying. He looks at the young boy, looking for any sign of the boy's parents. Right far off, there’s a sushi bar. He’s busy with the fact that he needs to look for Kazuto. Shinzou prefers to look for the homunculus.

He was about to ask for help from the sushi bar, but the child grabs onto his clothes. The young boy leads the man somewhere else. He asks his help to find his friends, leading him away from both the policeman and the sushi bar.

“Excuse me, sir, please help me!” he begs him. “I want to find my friends! I’m lost”.

“Geez, I’m busy now!” Shinzou sighs heavily. “Is there nothing I can do? Oh right, I can take you to the police station”.

“No! I don’t want to!” the child insists. 

Since the child insist, there was nothing the man can do. However, his eyes manage to capture a handsome young man who passes by him. His azure eyes glance at him, smirking at him while going to the police station. A bad feeling gets into his chest, the man knows something is up. 

“Who is he?”.

Behind the man, is a hooded young man who follows him closely like a puppy. Shinzou couldn’t see the face. They walked away together, hand-in-hand which is unusual to see. 

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