Chapter 13: Longing of Warmth

It was all according to plan, the man reports Shinzou as a stalker who follows the homunculus around. He proved it with a shred of fake evidence to prove his guilt. The cleaners did their job well, diverting his attention from the sushi bar. If Shinzou knew where the homunculus is, he would be screwed.

The two of them enjoy their stroll in Ikebukuro, especially Kazuto. His eyes shine brilliantly in sparkle when he lands his eyes on a cute display doll. He is indeed a child in heart, despite his stature as a young man. Shinzou had already gone far away, the painter is nowhere to be seen. A part of Cain’s heart feels relief, he smirks slyly when he watched Shinzou’s face in despair.

The next plan is to try to subdue the homunculus royalty to him, he needs to gain his trust by following the homunculus wishes. Granting his wishes like how a Fairy Godmother would do, is his current plan. Cain asks the homunculus about what he wanted, with a bright painted smile to fool the homunculus.

“What do you want to do next?” he asks Kazuto. “Do you want more snacks? I can buy you one”.

“No, I just want to go home” Kazuto answers tiredly. “I’m sleepy, but I want to do stargazing”.

“Where?” he questioned Kazuto.

The young man answers confidently that he will make the informant happy. He wanted to surprise Cain, but not even Cain knows what the homunculus was up to. Cain walks home, taking the homunculus behind him closely. The azure-eyed informant is curious whether Masaki is eyeing him now.

It would be disastrous if he ever finds out that he’s planning to steal away his son from him secretly. Still, Masaki doesn’t seem to be aware of his true intention, thus there’s no sign of Masaki eyeing them at this moment. It feels like forever until they reach home, then something surprising happened. 

Cain was pushed down on the couch by Kazuto, he went on top of him nervously.

“What are you doing?” the red-suited informant raises his eyebrow, demanding an answer from the stray homunculus.

“I want you to use my body” Kazuto undresses slowly, revealing his thin, and unhealthy body.

Cain widened his eyes, surprised by the bruises, and Kazuto’s bone is visible for everyone to see. Malnutrition and hunger would be the cause of Kazuto’s body, but that’s not all. There are signs of him being hit and abused by his so-called father. Perhaps, Kazuto doesn’t understand anything other than what his father did to him.

“Kazuto, stop this! You’re tired” Cain reassures him. “I don’t need this, you can take a break”.

“But this is the only thing I can do to repay your kindness mister” Kazuto unbuckle his pants. “

I was thought this way, I want to satisfy you-”.

“That’s enough” Cain pushes the homunculus calmly, not wanting to trigger his anger. “I am not like your father, I don’t want to do that”.

Kazuto doesn’t seem to understand the reason why he’s being rejected, he keeps displaying his puppy face to Cain so that he accepts his offer. However, Cain dislikes what the homunculus is offering. He was appalled that the homunculus did what he did, it was even more appalling that the father’s teaching stick to his brain like mud.

“If you hate it, I’m sorry” Kazuto bows down. “I don’t know what to do other than the stargazing from your office”.

Kazuto suggests the informant sit near his window, enjoying the meteor shower. Kazuto remembers that today is a meteor shower. He would love to enjoy the moment with the informant, a Samaritan who helps him from his evil father. At least that’s what Kazuto believed at that moment.

The informant is not interested in Kazuto’s past, not even an ounce of empathy escapes to give condolences to the homunculus. However, his past is somewhat intriguing to the informant's curiosity. Kazuto widens his eyes, and his stuttering lips beg Kazuto to be touched. The unimpressed informant sits next to the shirtless Kazuto, still thinking about what to do next.

“Do you hate me? Is that it?” Kazuto sighs heavily. “I don’t like it but if it’s Mr. Lockhart then I will try my best”.

Tempted by Kazuto’s puppy eyes, accompanied by his sexy lips, the informant is questioning his sanity. He wanted to crash his lips into the innocent Kazuto, but he doesn’t feel right doing it. Kazuto keeps cooing to the informant, slowly pushing him down beneath him again. Cain is in a daze, even if Kazuto is an idiot, his stature bewilders him.

“Can we-”.

Cain pushes Kazuto this time, he sharpened his azure eyes on Kazuto’s face. He showed no sign of remorse, pushing Kazuto down beneath him with both of his hand's circle his wrist.

“Are you sure about this Kazuto? You can’t go back from this” Cain warns him. “I’m not going to hold back”.

Kazuto nods longingly, circling his arm around Cain’s neck with a seductive moan. 

“Pull my pants off, and kiss me” he begs him.

Cain crashes his lips onto Kazuto’s plump lips, devouring every last bit of his supple flesh. Kazuto moans as Cain’s hand goes into his nipple, flicking them both with haste.

“As I said, I didn’t hold back” Cain grins. “Weren’t you listening?”.

"I guess you didn't hold back, you're different from him" Kazuto gasps between his moan. "You're rough on me, but I'm not suffering".

His words latched onto Cain's mind as he devours Kazuto's supple lips, he soon runs his left hand on Kazuto's white hair.  Aggressively biting Kazuto's lips to let his tongue in to do his job, occupying the homunculus mouth in pleasure. Still, Cain is somewhat irritated that Kazuto remembers his father, comparing what he did to his father.

"Don't talk about your father" Cain growls. "I hate being compared the most".

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