Chapter 14: Body Conversation

Cain doesn’t hesitate, he’s good at pleasuring the homunculus from the top to bottom. After all, he learned it from experiences with a classmate. Cain knows his ways with women, those who beg for it get the prize. The sly informant knows his way to pleasuring women, how hard it could be to please a random stray homunculus he just found. 

He was wrong at every level, his hands are fidgeting since he barely knew about the same-sex relationship. Even though he was a playboy in his youth, Cain never had a same-sex partner in his past relationship, he tried to do it right by the book. However, his hand keeps tracing in the same circular motion on the homunculus's hardened nipples.

Lust overcomes his senses, breathing raggedly toward the lewd homunculus. His cloudy eyes couldn’t hold back Kazuto’s seductive moan. His nipple must be sensitive, for Kazuto to moan this hard just from him circling it. Kazuto’s lusty eyes meet Cain Azure ones, at that moment it became clear what happened to him.

The informant was being led on by the homunculus by accident, he’s doing what the homunculus told him to.

“Hey mister Lockhart, can you do something more?” he begs. “My bruise hurts, can you kiss them so it’ll get better?”.

Cain notices the blue and purple-ish colors on his hip and elbow area, he doesn’t know anything about him at all. He thought he knew, but the only thing he knew was the fact that he’s secretly a Goddess of Death.

“Who causes this?” Cain asks raspily, still on the edge of his sanity before continuing his activities.

“My dad, he likes hitting me cause it is hot for him” Kazuto replies mid-breathing, with salivas dropping from his mouth. “It hurts but he likes it”.

Something within Cain resurfaces when he heard that story, he didn’t know that Masaki was a molester. At this point, he went beyond the word molester. He sexually abused this so-called son, he can think of a reason why would Masaki do that. Human minds can be twisted and dark most of the time.

His eyes light up in anger, he furrows his eyebrows in silence as he listens to Kazuto’s moans. The slight ‘tch’ escapes his mouth as he fully undresses Kazuto with haste, the man wants to unbox the horny homunculus. Kazuto’s cloudy eyes gasps when he feels the air conditioner temperature creeping into his skin.

Shivering from the cold, he looks up to Cain who’s eyeing his body. He tries not to let his emotion out, but there’s a hint of disbelief in his eyes.

“Aren’t you a God?” Cain suddenly asks earnestly.

“What? Did Professor Mizuno tell you about me?” Kazuto is unaware of the fact that Cain was never been Professor Mizuno’s acquaintance. 

The homunculus just stares at the informant’s face happily, with a dazed look. His clear crimson eyes send the last straw of his sanity away, making Cain reveal himself to Kazuto. He reveals his well-toned abs, underneath the red suit he always wears for the day. Even though he is muscular, he surprisingly looks fit from the outside.

Kazuto blushes madly when he touches the pecks on his stomach, it’s hard. 

“Like what you’re seeing aren’t you? Who said that you can touch me with your handsy hands?” Cain smirks, grabbing Kazuto’s hand. 

“Yours is better than Masaki” Kazuto answers honestly.

Kazuto just gave him a spring of confidence from that one single compliment, that he’s better than Masaki. His swimming championship proves to be useful right now, impressing the homunculus with his well-trained body.

“Then, would you leave Masaki in a heartbeat for me?” Cain grins seductively, whispering next to the naked homunculus. 

The homunculus doesn’t respond at first, somewhat worrying that he let his hormones do the talking too much. Cain corrects himself, sighing heavily to the quiet Kazuto beneath him.

“I’m sorry, that was a joke” Cain sighs. “I was just teasing you, you’re a cuter person”.

“What do you mean by a joke? I love that idea” Kazuto answers innocently. “I can eat sushi every day”.

His answer is as innocent as a child begging for his toys, surely Cain doesn’t expect such an honest answer coming from Kazuto. He is indeed oblivious to his mastermind plan, this will be a piece of cake for him. Knowing that the Goddess of Death favors him more than the old man Masaki already boosts his confidence.

“Stop talking, I want to continue from where we left off” Kazuto touches Cain's length, still hidden by the trousers he wears. “I want this, so let me have it”.

Kazuto pats the length gently, caressing it so sensually that it immediately turns the informant on. Who would have thought an innocent homunculus like him is a pro in sexual flirting. Cain unbuckles his pants, dropping his pants beneath his waist. Kazuto sees the tightened grey boxer underneath, and Cain displays his erected manhood beneath the boxer.

“Beg for it, you want this don’t you? You naughty homunculus” Cain teases the homunculus by stroking his hardened length through the fabric. “Kazuto, beg for it”.

Kazuto swallows his saliva, cradling closer to his length. His face was a few centimeters away from the hardened length. The white-haired man sniffs his hardened manhood, his hand was about to touch it but Cain grabs his hand before he could pull his boxer down. Cain grins aggressively, taunting the almighty Goddess to beg for his asset.

“Didn’t I tell you to beg for it?” Cain smirks. “Let’s see you beg for it”.

Kazuto opens his mouth, stuttering while stroking his hardened length. The homunculus is already sexually frustrated, but Cain is testing his patience. His eyes linger at the long hard length, still in awe of its build and stature.

“I didn’t hear any begging, I guess you’re not up to this” Cain puts on his pants, but Kazuto stops him from doing so.

The informant looks at Kazuto’s puppy face, he looks so disappointed in him.

“Let me have it!” he begs like a child.

“What? What is it that you want?” Cain lowers his voice raspily, sending Kazuto’s spine shivering in excitement.

“Your cock, let me have it” Kazuto speaks timidly, with a blush spread across his face. “So please, don’t stop now”.

Cain’s hormones got the best of him, he pulls down his boxer to reveal Kazuto’s long-awaited cock. It’s long and slender, and probably can reach deep down inside Kazuto’s hole, at least that’s what the perverted homunculus is thinking. Cain was about to order him to do something, but the homunculus takes the full length inside his mouth.

It arouses Cain when Kazuto’s saliva is mixed with his precum, Kazuto’s expression was the cause of his initial precum. 

“It’s salty” Kazuto talks with a cock in his mouth as if munching a sausage down to his throat.

“You’re cute Kazuto, you make me want to see you on my bed with your legs spread open for me now” Cain smirks, seeing the duckface Kazuto made as he swallows his length into his throat. Cain lets the homunculus does what he loves the most, he couldn’t believe his eyes right now at that moment.

“Hey, I wang you fo cum” the homunculus slurps his cock roughly as he says that. 

“You’re testing my patience, you love riling me up” Cain growls in pleasure. “What a bad kid you are, Kazuto”.

The informant lets his load inside Kazuto’s mouth by accident, he didn’t think he would cum this quick. Kazuto is an expert in this, he riles him up to the top. He wants to pull his cock out, but Kazuto keeps his cock inside as he swallows every little fluid the man lets out happily. Cain tries to push him away, but he won’t budge.

“I’m cumming, let me go you dimwit” Cain groans as he lets out his semen. “Kazuto, spill it out”.

Rather than spitting it out, Kazuto swallows it all whole with a satisfying smirk across his face. A single drip of Cain’s cum escapes his lips, dripping into the leather couch. The sight alone already hardened Cain’s cock even more, how come someone can be this lewd and cute at the same time?

“That was delicious” Kazuto rolls his tongue inside his mouth. “Thanks for the meal mister Lockhart”.

Cain pins him down on the leather, not finishing the first round. The informant wants more of him, unsatisfied with just foreplay.

“Don’t call me mister, my name is Cain” Cain inserts his finger inside Kazuto’s hole, making him ready for what comes next. “And since you’re a good boy, I’ll let you taste something even better than before”.

Kazuto moans loudly, his hand reaching for Cain’s long slender fingers traveling inside him. His slender fingers danced inside him, trying to make room for his cock to enter his man's womb. Kazuto stroked his cock gently, following Cain’s rhythm to satisfy his sexual urges.

“After this, it’s going to be the grand finale” Cain grins as he prepares himself for the main event.

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