Chapter 16: Partners with Benefits

Back to the present day…

“You’re spacing out, how naughty of you,” Cain bites Kazuto’s ear, trying to snap him out. “We’re in the middle of something, but you dare to think about something else, huh?”.

Kazuto moans slightly, digging his nail into Cain’s bare back. Cain arouses the homunculus, and everything he touches leaves a mark on Kazuto’s body. The informant is gentle, but mostly rough when he sees Kazuto doesn’t pay attention to him. Kazuto notices a hint of possessiveness in his deep azure eyes.

He is a dominant one in bed and can be sadistic at times too. Even as they continue their sexual activities, Cain digs his teeth on Kazuto’s clear pale skin to leave a mark that he’s his. Kazuto chuckles at Cain’s frown whenever he spaces out. Both of them are strangers, but their bodies are compatible in a way more than one.

The narrow space on the couch makes Kazuto slip his hand, causing him to fall on some occasions. Cain notices his frustration, thus he whispers right next to his ears. It entices Kazuto even more since the man has been teasing him by stroking his length between his thighs. The azure-eyed informant suddenly lifts the homunculus.

“Cain? What’s going on?” Kazuto’s enjoyment is disturbed by a sudden movement from the informant. “I am not happy”.

“Be quiet and let me take you to my room” Cain answers annoyedly. “Let me do my part”.

Cain carries Kazuto bridal style, opening the blurred glass door to his bedroom quickly since both of them are in heat. Kazuto was soon stripped of his freedom, and Cain is in control again with both of his hands restricting his wrist. It is finally the final event, the azured-eyed man is starting to get impatient in preying on the homunculus beneath him.

He inserts his fingers inside his hole, exploring the warmth inside Kazuto’s body. Cain is fascinated with the fact that a homunculus has the same structure as a human. Even if he’s man-made, his inside certainly feels more human than an artificial one. Kazuto gasps when he can feel the informant slender fingers twirling around his G-spot.

“Did I find the right G-spot? That wasn’t so hard” Cain grins as he twiddles his fingers at that spot. “Be a good boy and let me see your expression while being fingered by me”.

Kazuto looks at Cain’s face obediently, his teary eyes turn the informant switch on. Cain tells the young man to open up himself, suggestively while licking his lips.

“Hey Kazuto, spread your legs for me now if you want my cock that badly inside you”, Cain grins mischievously. “Come on, look at my eyes”.

It’s not that hard for him to obey his command, Kazuto spread his legs wide for Cain to see. Afterward, he spread the hole he proudly saves for the main event. Kazuto smiles awkwardly at Cain but looks happy on the outside nevertheless. The homunculus moves his hips impatiently when he looks at Cain’s cock is hard and ready for him.

“Cain, I want your dick to penetrate me” Kazuto begs the informant. “Please, I want you to fuck me”.

The pale man loves to see Cain’s riled-up expression, it reminds him of Masaki’s affection toward him. Cain positions his length underneath him, penetrating him roughly right on the start. Kazuto pulls Cain closer to him, digging his nail into his back deeply. Cain flinches a bit with how powerful his strength is.

Then again, Kazuto was never been an ordinary human. His strength is unparalleled, but it’s good that he doesn’t crush the informant's bones by accident. The moment the tip enters his hole, Kazuto moans in pleasure, with his tongue out. Saliva dripping from his tongue, Kazuto's moans are like music to the informant’s ears.

“Ahh, deeper!”, Kazuto begs the informant to enter deeper. “I want you to do it, it makes me feel good”.

“You don’t have to ask, I’ll wreck your inside,” Kazuto smiles at him mischievously. “Do you mean like this?”.

Cain enters it deeper into Kazuto’s inside, the homunculus flinches due to the pain and the depth of his cock inside him. His tanned skin only makes him look more exotic and masculine as sweat drips from his body, he’s in heat. Cain moves his cock slowly at first, trying to adapt to the homunculus hole.

As he moves rhythmically, Kazuto opens his mouth widely as he groans. 

“Cain! It feels good!” Kazuto groans. “You’re so good! I want it better”.

Cain slowly fastens his pace, and Kazuto moans harder inside his grey bedroom. It only turns Cain on, his cock is hardened inside his hole. He teases the homunculus by pulling out his cock until it’s only the tip inside, then inserting it again to tease him. Kazuto groans at the motion of the informant's cock.

“Don’t tease me!” he grumbles. “Cain, I want you inside”.

“You’re so desperate, it’s cute” Cain giggled. “Alright then, here goes nothing”.

Kazuto catches a glimpse of Cain’s giggle, his giggle sounds different from how he used to be. It sounds more sincere than his usual wicked smile. The pale-skinned boy blushed at the sight of Cain giggling sincerely while doing it with him. There’s something different about Cain that he can’t describe in words, he’s different from Masaki.

Cain makes love to the deprived homunculus, at that moment he feels fulfilled from his emptiness. However, he knows one thing for sure after he witnesses Cain’s giggle. The informant is not as twisted as Masaki. 

*    *    *

Hours have passed, but the two are still in high energy to do various things in bed. Cain notices that Kazuto’s eyes are glued to his azure ones, this intrigues him.

“What is it Kazuto? Do you like what you see?” Cain smirks arrogantly. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself”.

“Yes, I am” Kazuto admits honestly. “That’s why please let me have your thing inside me forever, I am your dumpster”.

Cain’s cock hardened yet again, he pushes his length inside him and do it more roughly than before. In a missionary pose, Cain pulls both of Kazuto’s arms toward him as the homunculus body is trapped in the air. Kazuto never stops moaning, his moans getting more seductive the more hours passed.

He doesn’t realize that his seductive moans only replenish Cain’s cock vitality. Cain kisses Kazuto’s neck and then plants his teeth inside his flesh. Kazuto doesn’t seem to be against his roughness he’s loving every bit of what Cain did to him. Cain whispers Kazuto’s name under his mouth, muttering about the warmth of his hole to his cock.

“Your inside is so warm, I want to stay here forever”, Cain leans closer to Kazuto’s head, biting his earlobes. “Can I stay inside you?”.

Kazuto doesn’t answer immediately since he’s too preoccupied enjoying the sensation on his bottom. Cain asks him again, this time with a more raspy and demanding tone right next to his ear.

“Can I park my cock inside you?” he grins. 

“I’d love it, please do that to me,” Kazuto answers almost immediately, his saliva is dropping from his stuck-out tongue.

Cain is turned on, he fastens his penetration with Kazuto moving roughly to the rhythm. Kazuto moans loudly, telling the informant that he’s close to cumming. Cain nods in affirmation, telling him to cum.

“I’m going to cum again! Cain, please let it out inside me” Kazuto smiles. “I want it, your seed”.

“Sure, if that’s what you wish Kazuto! I’ll do that!” Cain answers with a satisfying smirk.

The two let out their seeds, and Cain cums inside Kazuto with a bang. Kazuto drops himself on the bed, his cock tip is filled with his cum dripping to the bed surface. A part of Cain’s clean freakiness wants to clean the stain on his bed. However, both are too exhausted to think much about other things.

Cain can’t count how many times has he made Kazuto cum with his unstoppable force. It was too much for Kazuto to handle, he was fast asleep right next to him after what they did. He’s already tired in the second round, but he keeps teasing Cain to violate him more than before. Cain can’t stop after his endless provocation, they keep making love until the end of the day.

“There must be something wrong with me,” Cain rethinks about what just happened. “I lost out of control, this is my first time being like this.”

He facepalmed himself as his azure orbs looks at Kazuto’s innocent sleeping face next to him. There’s nothing he can do to redo the past, all he can do right now is to look forward to what’s going to happen next. It’s surprising to see the homunculus being assertive in sex despite his innocent look, don’t judge the book by its cover is the perfect word for this kind of occasion.

“Wait, does that mean I just fucked an omnipotent being? The Goddess of Death?” Cain sweats coldly. “If his other persona comes out, I’m doomed.”

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