Chapter 17: Izanami's Anger

The clock ticks to midnight, they’ve been fucking around too much that the informant didn’t realize that his stomach is already growling. He sleeps next to the tired homunculus, he sees the homunculus face sleeping peacefully. He purrs like a cat, looking cute. When Cain wants to move his body, he realizes something is not right.

His erected member is still inside Kazuto’s ass. He facepalmed himself at this moment, it was strange for him to act out of control like this. Cain pulls out his member from his hole, the young man groans a bit when he feels a certain emptiness inside him. Even so, Kazuto is still fast asleep with his salivas dropping from his mouth.

Cain pulls his pants up, he looks over to the sleeping Kazuto then leave him be. He walks to the kitchen outside his bedroom, he opens the fridge door sleepily. He brainstorms what to eat at night but is too tired to cook something complicated. Cain decides to cook simple fried rice with chicken and meatballs.

He had the ingredients, he just had to chop the meat into small pieces and mix it with the fried rice. When Can is busy cooking, he heard a sound coming from his bedroom. The sound of a door creaking from the other side. Cain looks behind him, noticing a terrifying shining crimson orb watching his every movement from the creak.

He knows that well that it’s not Kazuto at the other side of the door. It’s Izanami no Mikoto, she’s watching the informant closely as the young man opens the door slowly. Still naked from the top to bottom, Kazuto’s body is sweaty and Cain’s cum is still inside his ass. It was dripping on the ivory carpeted floor.

“You’re playing rough with Kazuto, I admire your courage” he speaks rather femininely. “Kazuto is such a sweet young boy, and you just defiled him without hesitation”.

“He’s the one who started first if you didn’t notice”, he grins at Izanami. “I’m just fulfilling his wishes to be defiled! He truly loves it! As you can see it for yourself”.

“You know-it-all human sickens me”, the Goddess speaks annoyedly at Cain, sending shivers to his spine. Cain can feel his legs getting weaker from the sheer power coming from the angered Goddess. He should have known, not to get into Her bad side. “You’re just like the rest of them, aren’t you? You’re going to use this poor young boy to be your toy!”, Izanami speaks deranged. 

“I should have killed you ever since I laid my eyes on you, you’re not a good person! Professor Mizuno was the only one who treated him well!”, Izanami continues Her speech. “Run while you can now boy, I will devour your soul right now-”.

Cain pulls a knife from the kitchen counter as if that knife could protect him from the almighty Goddess Izanami. Even so, Cain doesn’t want to die cluelessly without knowing Kazuto’s secrets.

“That’s enough! Stop!”, another voice speaks from Kazuto's body. 

It is a strange sight, to see half of Kazuto’s eyes are split into two. The other eye shine wanes crimson, while the others shine brilliantly with a hint of anger. Cain witness the two personalities collide in one body, the other is Kazuto and the other one is none other than Izanami no Mikoto. The two personalities are bickering among themselves.

“I’m in love with him!”, Kazuto speaks confidently. “This man is the one Professor Mizuno spoke about! He will be the person who will love me the way I am”.

Cain couldn’t believe what Kazuto just said, the homunculus just professed his love for him after knowing him just for a few days. Izanami doesn’t seem to like the statement he spouted, She scolded him for being naive and foolish. At that moment, Cain's sudden boredom kicks in from seeing the omnipotent being arguing with a homunculus.

He continues preparing the ingredients for fried rice, his stomach is growling while waiting for the two to bicker like there’s no tomorrow. The informant glanced at the deranged young man behind him, he sees Kazuto hitting himself while telling Izanami not to dictate him since he’s a grown-up man.

Izanami on the other hand acted like an older sister who cares much for his younger sibling. It is an interesting sight to see for sure, but he prioritized his belly over the squabbles.

“Wait, that smells good! Are you cooking something Cain?”, Kazuto sniffed the rice Cain just prepared. “It smells like fried rice”.

“Well, you’re correct about that, it is fried rice”, Cain mixed the ingredients with the rice on a frying pan. He pours the ketchup and tomato sauce in as he cooks it elegantly.

“Save it for me please, I’m also hungry” Kazuto smiles. 

“We’re not done here! You foolish child! That man is dangerous! He’s only using you for your power!”, scolds the young man yet again. “I don’t want to see you being tortured again, that Masaki man is treating you like an object! And I don’t want to see you being treated that way EVER AGAIN!”.

It sounds that the Goddess truly cares for Kazuto's wellbeing, her sisterly tone tells it all. However, Kazuto in his rebellious state doesn’t acknowledge Izanami’s concern. As Cain watches the two are still quarreling, he decides to add two fried rice portions. He doesn’t want to anger the Goddess further.

Mincing the vegetables, Cain easily pours the minced lettuce inside the frying pan as he prepares for the final step. Cain walks to the drawer near the fridge, pulling the drawer out are the dining room utensils stacked neatly inside the drawer. The informant put three ceramic plates, preparing the meal efficiently.

He put the three plates on the dining table, but his eyes were then distracted by his disheveled couch. Cain walks to the couch where he made love previously, sweeping the dust, and wiping the foreign liquids on the couch intensely. The dining room, kitchen, and living room are connected in this one big room in the middle.

There’s no barrier or walls that divide these rooms whatsoever, so he can spot any dirt in every nook and cranny. 

“I want to stay with Cain! He treats me so well! I’m sure this is what they called First-Love-Meeting!”, Kazuto speaks confidently with a smile.

“It’s called Love at first sight, you fool!”, groans. “You’re such a child!”.

Cain coughs awkwardly from the sudden statement coming from Kazuto’s mouth, he is indeed a callous one. One can say he is an idiot and a childish, the young man can’t identify danger. His sense of danger is nonexistent, and so is his brain. Cain heard rumors of the young man being hired as Masaki’s assassin. 

The fact that the assassin in question is a child and a callous one never crosses his mind. Cain always considers the assassin to be a ruthless killer who knows no bound. Oh, how his image is destroyed by meeting the assassin directly. After cleaning the couch with various cleaning kits, he is satisfied with the result.

“Spotless, just the way I like it”, he thought to himself before walking to the dining room to eat his meal.

Cain sits on his plastic chair, blowing the spoonful of fried rice he just cooked. The two then stop quarreling when they see Cain peacefully eating his meal, ignoring their quarrels as if they don’t exist.

“You insolent human, how dare you to ignore me!?”, Izanami growls. “Just so you know I can take your soul now-”.

“I’m hungry, I want to eat”, Kazuto ignores Her as he seats himself on the chair. “Let’s eat Cain, I’m starved”.

He somehow silences Izanami no Mikoto’s voice inside him and continues eating the delicious fried rice. Cain is a little bit wary of the homunculus after seeing Izanami no Mikoto threaten him, even to the point of wanting to take his soul. He knows well that Izanami is correct, he is merely using Kazuto for his goal.

“It’s not like this dumb homunculus will know anyway”, Cain reassures himself as he takes a spoonful of fried rice to his mouth.

Kazuto is eating his meals happily, still naked from the top to bottom. Cain's eyes travel from Kazuto's body, he can't control his lust seeing him naked right in front of him.

"Kazuto, dress properly please", Cain sighs heavily.

"Why? I thought you like it Cain", Kazuto tilts his head. "It's not to your liking? Should I work out more? So that I can entice you?".

"That's not what I meant! Just wear your clothes and eat properly in the dining room please", Cain closes his eyes, he can feel his boner is rising again. Protection Status