Chapter 3: The Runaway

It has been a month, it passed away, the old man looked at his son in a way that was different from before. He gives Kazuto more workloads to reduce the time he spends with Professor Mizuno. She senses what Masaki is planning to do and thus tries her best to find the time to talk to Kazuto. 

However, he’s slow on the intake; the homunculus just follows whatever his father orders him to do. Professor Mizuno bit her lips as she sees Masaki’s actions toward his son, Mizuno calls her son to arrange a meeting behind Masaki’s back. Kazuto glances at the professor, wanting to talk to her but he keeps being distracted by his father.

His father keeps assigning him some task that requires him to kill people on the spot. Masaki smiles at her satisfyingly, knowing that the woman knows what she’s up to. Kazuto smiles at the man, knowing that the man gives him more souls to eat. The more souls he eats, the more powerful he is.

Masaki is planning to build him as a perfect killer that he can utilize in his mission. If Masaki’s mission succeeds, then the homunculus will no longer have a future. It has to be now, the woman then proceeds to execute the plan. She won’t delay her plans anymore further. Tonight will be the day where she evacuates him.

*   *   *

“Wake up” the woman wakes Kazuto up from his slumber. 

Kazuto smiles as soon as he sees the familiar woman before him. He misses her so much that he instinctively hugs her. Professor Mizuno hugs him back warmly. She then hurries him to get up, of course, surprising the homunculus. The woman then dresses him neatly as she then cups his forehead.

“Um, what happened?” the homunculus asks the woman.

“Just follow me Kazuto-”.

However, when she was about to take him away the father gets in forcefully into Kazuto’s room. The woman was caught red-handed by the man who raises him. The woman shields the puzzled homunculus behind her, Masaki is furious with the woman involved in his personal affair. 

For him, the woman is merely a scientist that has no relation to his family affair. As the man slowly walks toward the professor, she backs away while shielding Kazuto behind her. The only thing she receives was a slap on her cheek. After that the man pulls her away from the homunculus, seeing how his father treats her like trash pains the homunculus. 

“Stop it! Father!” he pushes his father away from her, the glare on the homunculus face is visible enough for Masaki to know that he angers his son.

Professor Mizuno breaks free from his villainy father’s grasp, but nonetheless, she was powerless to stop him. Kazuto growls as he instinctively carries her away from the man that hurts her. Kazuto carries professor Mizuno’s bridal style, through the window in his room. He lands on the bushes perfectly. 

His eyes glow brightly as the man looks antagonistically toward the father who raises him. However, rather than joyous; the woman is concerned about Kazuto’s aggressiveness. She’s afraid that the young man will hurt himself more if he keeps protecting her. The scientist told the young man to set him down.

“But professor, my father might kill you-”.

Without any further ado, the scientist injected something into the young man’s body. At that moment, he can feel his body jolt. He slowly lost his consciousness, but he can feel someone carrying him. It seems to be a hooded man showing up out of nowhere. There’s a commotion at the front gate, a truck is ramming through Masaki’s mansion gate.

Kazuto barely could open his eyes due to the injection, the woman seems to rush the hooded man something.

“Take this child away! Please!” the woman urges the hooded man to take the unconscious homunculus away. 

Kazuto blinks his eyes as he was thrown in the passenger seat of the truck, the man drives next to him but the young homunculus realizes something. He doesn’t see any sign of Professor Mizuno anywhere. There’s a scream next to him, the sound of the hooded man screaming for Professor Mizuno’s names painfully.

Kazuto is too drowsy to even know what happens, Professor Mizuno drugs him and he feels his head turn hot. He gives in to his sleepiness amidst the havoc they’re in.

*   *   *

It was a few hours passed by, the truck drives on as the mysterious truck driver cries for an unknown reason. Kazuto is still sleeping peacefully on the passenger’s seat, a note was given to the truck driver before they left the mansion premise. 

The truck driver reads the content of the note, the scientist not only drugs the homunculus to sleep but also drugs him to lose his memories of the day he was kidnapped away from Masaki’s possession. The mysterious driver will deliver the homunculus to Ikebukuro as promised, that’s what he promised toward Mizuno.

“Damn that woman leaving me behind” the driver cries while he drives the truck away from his pursuers. The homunculus has yet to wake up to see how many people are going after the driver’s head. Not even the sound of gunshot woke up the homunculus, the streets are engulfed with the sound of screams and screeching tires.

“DAMN IT! THIS LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT IS THE CAUSE OF MIZUNO’S DEATH!” the driver cries as he tried his best to run away.

*   *   *

The homunculus is drowning in pit sand, an unending hole in which he drowns. In that pit hole, he can feel his mind slowly rotting as the memories with him dissolve into nothingness. The warm voice that calls him out during his down days. 

He doesn’t understand the reason why his memory disintegrates and the fact that the panicked face of Professor Mizuno face disappears from his mind. He doesn’t want to forget but in the end, he returns to his old innocent self that doesn’t know anything. 

“Why does it hurt inside?” the homunculus thought to himself.

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