Butterfly and the CEO

Chapter four

Ellie’s point of view

It's, Saturday morning and I wake up to someone knocking on the door; I groan as I pull the quilt cover over my head, it's far too early for this shit. It's probably a drunken guest trying to get into the wrong room. A few seconds later and the banging starts again, accompanied by some rather loud shouting.

“Ellie, get your ass up and out of that bed.”

Erin shouts through the door. Mumbling, I climb out of bed.

“Gees girl, I'm coming; wait a minute.” 

What the hell is she doing here at this time in the morning and a Saturday morning at that? Doesn't this woman realise weekends are meant for lie-ins? I drag myself out of bed, putting my feet in my slippers as I cross the threadbare carpet before opening the door to Erin. She is, of course, her usual bright and bubbly self. I grumble as I say.

“Erin, it's eight o'clock on a Saturday morning; what are you doing here at this time.”

She giggles as she pulls me into a hug.

“I’m too excited to stay in bed, and my best friend is moving in with me today .”

She says as she steps into the room, looking around.

“Jesus Ellie, no wonder you can't wait to get away from here; it's not exactly the ritz now, is it.”

She looks around the grotty room in disgust; although she doesn't say anything, I can see her mind working is overtime; she's probably wondering what a top designer is doing living in a place like this.   

Shrugging my shoulders, I sigh as I reply.

“Mmm yeah, it was kind of last-minute, and this is all I could find at such short notice.”

I quickly look away from her, hoping that there will be no more questions. She frowns as she says.

“Well, come on then, let's get you packed up and out of this shithole.”


I quickly get changed and throw my pyjamas into my case, laughing as I zip it up as I turn to Erin and say  

“Well, that's it; I'm all packed.” 

Her mouth falls to the floor as she looks at my little case.

“Oh, is that all you have with you? I came to help you carry everything. I thought you'd have had more.”

I chuckle as I say.

“No, that's the lot. I like to travel light.”

Feeling a little embarrassed, I turn away and look at the floor, hoping that she doesn't ask any more questions. Of course, Erin being the fantastic person that she is doesn't bat an eyelid as she picks up my little case and says.

“Okay, let's get out of here then.”  

She picks up my case and breezes through the door, leaving me running behind.

God, I love this girl……

We head into Conners cafe, where a young girl greets Erin.

“Hi, Erin.”

She says as we walk through the door. Erin smiles as she replies

“Hi Ava, this is Ellie, shes going to be moving in upstairs with us.”

The girl smiles at me as she says.

“Hi Ellie, it's nice to meet you.”

“You too, Ava.”

I manage to reply as I follow Erin through into the back of the cafe before she leads me up a flight of stairs and into a large apartment above.

“Oh, Erin, your apartment is lovely.”

I say as I follow behind Erin as she shows me around all of the rooms before she leads me into what will be my bedroom. The room is beautiful. There's a big king size bed along with a wardrobe and a dresser and also a little ensuite with a toilet and shower, and it's beautifully decorated; I stand in the middle of the room, looking around, willing myself not to cry. 

Conner pops his head around the bedroom door as he says.

“Hey Ellie, I hope it's okay for you; Erin even stayed in last night making sure it was ready for you, and Erin never stays in on a Friday night.”

I laugh as Erin pulls her tongue out at her older brother as I reply.

“Oh, Connor, it's more than okay; it's beautiful thank you for letting me stay here and thank you, Erin, for doing all of this for me.”

Erin pulls Connor and me into a group hug as she says.

“Your welcome babe, I'm going to have so much fun living with my best friend and my big brother.”

Connor chuckles as he says.

“Okay, that enough of that; who wants a drink? Oh, and I've made some fresh pancakes.” 

“You had me at pancakes.”

I say with a giggle as we both follow him into the large kitchen. Connor smiles as he hands out the pancakes before passing us both a drink. I've never seen a man so comfortable in a kitchen as he is; it's no wonder his cafe does so well. He smiles as he takes a seat on one of the barstools before he asks.

“So, do you ladies have anything plans for this weekend?”

Erin does a little sit down dance as she says,

“Yessssss……..Im taking my best friend out to celebrate.”

I turn to look at her as I reply,

“Oh, I was going to have a quiet night.”

Erin laughs, cutting me off as she says.

“No way, you and I are going to hit the town, and I'm not taking no for an answer.”

Placing my cup down on the counter, I say,

“Erin, I don't have anything to wear.”

Ellie laughs.

“I've got loads of clothes, don't you worry.”

I sigh. I don't really want to go out; I would much prefer to stay at home and watch a movie with a bottle of wine and a pizza, but looking at Erin, she isn't going to take no for an answer. She crosses her arms on her chest, frowning as she says.

“Ellie, where are all your clothes and belongings? You hardly have anything with you?”

I feel myself blush as they both look at me. I gulp before I say.

“I had no transport, so I wanted to travel light for the interview as I wasn't sure I would get the job. I can get the rest of my belongings sent over now that I have a place to stay.

She looks at me a little concerned, but thankfully she doesn't say anything else as she quickly changed the subject.

“Okay, well, we don't have to worry about that; my wardrobe is full.”

Connor laughs as he says,

“She's not kidding.”

I sigh as I say.

“Okay, okay, you got me; looks like I’m going out tonight then.”

Erin squeals as she hugs me and spins me around. My god, where does this woman get her energy from? I can't help but giggle back, though, as Connor shakes his head, laughing at the pair of us.

I spend the rest of the day talking to Erin and Connor, mostly about work. Erin tries to ask a little about my past, but I quickly changed the subject back to the pair of them and, thankfully I don't think she notices. I smile as I listen to the pair of them. It's nice to feel as though I belong. I have a job and a new home; I can see a future here. I just hope that it's not all too good to be true.

As Erin disappears to take a shower, Connor turns to look at me as though picking up on my nerves and the quick subject changes as he asks.

“Is everything okay Ellie, I’m sorry, I know that Erin can be a bit full-on at times, but she doesn't mean to pry.” 

I smile as I reply.

“Everything is fine Connor, I just haven't been out for a while, and I know Erin means no harm.”

He nods his head as he says.

“Well, you take it easy, Ellie, and don't let Erin talk you into anything you don't want to do. I will probably bump into you in town. I have a hot date tonight.”

I laugh.

“I will, Connor, thank you.”

Later that evening, Erin drags me off into her bedroom; she wasn't lying about the clothes. I feel like I've walked into a boutique; she pulls something out of her wardrobe as she says.

“What about this? The colour would look amazing on you.” She picks out a gold-coloured top and a short skirt, and I laugh nervously. There's no way I can wear that. I can't show anyone my stomach. I pick out a beautiful lace black dress, mid-length with long lace sleeves. It's simple yet elegant, and it covers everything that it needs to. I blush as I say.

“What about this? This is more me.

Erin looks at the dress as she says.

“MMM, okay if that's what you want, but if I had a body like yours, I’d be showing it off.”

I slip into the dress, and it perfectly hugs my figure yet covers all of my skin. It looks elegant and sexy, and I smile as I look at myself in the mirror.

Erin turns to look at me as she says

“Wow, I take it back. You look fucking hot.”

I giggle as I slip on my shoes and find a black bag; Erin has a rather short backless dress on, something that a few years ago I would have picked out for myself. We make our way into the living room, where Conner has already poured us both a glass of wine. He lets out a whistle when he sees us both as he says.

“Wow, ladies, I'm going to have to fight the boys off you two tonight,”

The three of us finish off the bottle of wine before heading out of the door for our night on the town. It's been a long time since I last had a night out. 

I'm actually quite excited now…..


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