Butterfly and the CEO

Chapter 7

Zac's point of view 

It's Saturday night, and I still can't get the alluring redhead out of my thoughts. I've decided that come Monday morning I’m going to ask her out on a date. Yeah, me, Mr CEO Harris, who doesn't do dates. Don't get me wrong; now I like a bit of female company, same as any other red-blooded man, but actual dates, that’s a big no. I’m a love 'em and leave kind of guy less hassle that way, but Ellie, there's just something about that woman that pulls me in. Fuck the no dating staff rule. This is my company, and I make the rules.

So I guess it's time to change them.

I call my younger brother Ben to let him know that I will meet him down at the club later for a few drinks. I need to pass a few hours now that I've made up my mind to ask Ellie out. Monday can't come quick enough.

I get dressed in a pair of smart jeans and a nice fitted shirt before heading off to the club where I have part ownership with my brother. Hes already sitting at the bar when I walk through the door. He spots me as I’m walking over to him, smiling as he says.

“Hey Zac, I've got you a whiskey.” 

I grin; God, I need this.

“Cheers, brother,” I reply.

I order us both more drinks as we talk, although my thoughts are still elsewhere. Yeah, you guessed right, the sexy little redhead. Damn, she's driving me crazy.

Ben turns to look at a couple of pretty blondes who've just walked through the door. He grins as he says.

“Hey hot blondes, alert l, are you with me?. “

I turn back to my drink, shaking my head, as It's not a blonde I'm interested in.

“Na, I’m not interested; you go for it, though.”

Bens turns his head back to me sharply as he says.

“Fuck Zac, what's going on with you? You never turn a pretty blonde down.”

I laugh as I shrug my shoulders. I don't fancy my brother winding me up when he finds out a certain little lady has got me all worked up.  I order another round of drinks as Ben goes to chat with the blondes. A couple of minutes later, he's back, and I laugh as I say.

“What's up? You losing your touch?”

He chuckles, shaking his head as he replies,

“No way she’ll be back looking for me later.”

He turns to talk to me, but my eyes are elsewhere.

The same little sexy redhead, who takes up my every thought, just walked onto the dancefloor…….

And fuck does she looks good.  

My eyes are drawn to her, and I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, running my eyes up and down her body; her dress emphasises her womanly curves, her fiery red hair glowing in the lights, and I can't take my eyes off her, she's beautiful.

I hear my brother mumble something that I can't make out

“Zac? Zac? Hello, earth to Zac?”

He says as I reply.

“Mmmmm, what?”

I answer him back, still utterly oblivious to anything he's just said, as he turns his head to where my eyes are drawn.

“Yeah, she's a hot chick, alright.”

He says with a chuckle as I reply.

“Mmmmm, she's my new designer.”

I still can't take my eyes off her fuck; she looks good.

Ben laughs as he says.

“Are you going to introduce us?.

“Not a fucking chance.”

I reply as Ben laughs as he looks at me. He raises his eyebrows as he says

“Is that  because Zacs got the hots for his sexy new designer.”

I watch as they start walking towards us, Ellie is looking a little drunk, laughing as she talks to Erin. Erin spots us at the bar as she makes her way over to us. Ellie looks at me with a shy smile, and I watch as she slides onto the barstool next to me, giving me a glimpse of those long sexy legs.


I buy them both another drink and a whisky for myself and Ben, introducing them both to him. I laugh as Erin eyes him up. Leaning over to Ellie, I ask her if she has fun tonight. She smiles as she answers me.

“, Yes I am. It's been ages since I danced like this.”

Ben grins his eyes, not leaving Erin as he says.

“Nice moves, you got ladies.”

Erin answers him back before she drags him off to the dance floor. I look at Ellie as she blushes, and I lean in and whisper

“You look so sexy when you blush, Ellie.”

Watching as she picks her drink up with a shaky hand emptying the glass before placing it back down on the bar,  her eyes going over to where Ben and Erin are now making out on the dancefloor.

“Would you like another drink, Ellie?”

I ask, leaning in so she can hear me, God she even smells good.

“Mmmm, yes, please.”

She answers me back with a hazy smile and a shaky breath. I lean over her to order our drinks. Ordering the drinks from the bartender, I place hers in front of her; I watch, mesmerised as a little drop lands on her bottom lip as she takes a sip before I realise what I'm doing. I brush my thumb over her bottom lip; damn, I want to kiss those plump lips so bad.

“You have such kissable lips, Ellie.”

I say as she shivers. I know she feels this attraction between us.

Ben comes back from the dancefloor, informing me he's taking Erin to another club. I raise my eyebrows, as I'm pretty sure he wants to take her home, especially after watching them grinding on the dancefloor. I promise Erin I will make sure Ellie gets home safely.

We have a couple more drinks as we talk, the conversation flows smoothly between us; even though Ellie seems a little shy and nervous around me, yet there is no awkwardness. I look down at our joined hands; when did that happen?. Never in my life have I held a woman's hand, but with Ellie, this just seems so right. She gives my hand a squeeze as she says.

“Excuse me. I need the ladies.” 

Ellie slurs her words as she almost falls off the barstool. I grab her arm to stop her from falling before she staggers off to the bathroom.

Fuck she's wasted.

I watch as she disappears into the ladies toilets, never taking my eyes off her. 

Damn, she is beautiful.......

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