Butterfly and the CEO

Chapter 10

Ellie's point of view

The rest of Sunday passes by as I nurse my almighty hangover. I did have a shower and put my Winnie the pooh pyjamas on, which did make me feel somewhat better. I currently lay on my bed watching Netflix when Erin knocks on the door before peeping her head around it. She's grinning when she says to me.

“Ellie, you have a visitor, hunni.”

I frown as she walks over to the bed. I don't have any friends. No one would visit me. She smiles as she sits on the end of my bed.

“Zac’s here to see you. I told you he's got it bad.”  

She chuckles as I look down at my pyjamas and blush. I can't go out in these.

She takes my hand as she pulls me up from the bed, practically dragging me to the door as she says.

“Oh, Ellie, he's going to love them; besides, he's seen you in much worse.”

She's giggling when she pushes me through the door as we both walk into the living room, where Zac is now sitting on the sofa looking very much at home and insanely handsome in a pair of jeans and a pullover. He lifts his head to look at me as I croak.


“Hey, how are you feeling, Ellie?”

He looks at me with a smile, damn those dimples of his. I look at the floor as I say.

“Embarrassed, that's how I’m feeling.”   

He chuckles as he says.

“Don't be. I told you I like taking care of you, Ellie.”

Oh, my God, this man is just so sweet. Erin clears her throat as she looks between the two of us. She stands up as she says.

“I’ll leave you two alone. I need to sort some clothes out. Bye, Zac, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.

Zac nods as he replies.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Erin.”

He stands up from the sofa as he walks over to me, taking hold of my hand before guiding me back to sit down with him. He doesn't let go of my hand as he says.”

“So, how's the head then?”

I sigh as I say, “Better than it was this morning. Thank you for taking care of me.”

The way he looks at me makes me melt. His thumb is now making circles on the back of my hand. The slightest touch makes me shiver as he whispers in my ear.

“I’m glad you're feeling better, and I meant what I said; I like taking care of you. Isn't that how every man should make a woman feel? It breaks my heart, baby, that someone would want to hurt you, and I never want that to happen to you again. I’m not asking for you to tell me anything, Ellie, but I want you to know that I'm here for you, and If or when you want to talk about it, I will still be here for you, baby.”

I nod my head, trying to stop the tears from falling as he squeezes my hand. I'm not ready yet, but I will be now that I have Zac by my side. He makes me feel brave, strong enough to one day share my past with him. He looks at me as he says.

“Can I take you out to dinner tomorrow, Ellie?”

I chuckle as I look at his dimples and those puppy dog eyes as I say.

“How can I say no when you look at me like that?”

He laughs as he pulls me into his arms.

“Yessss…….I knew you wouldn't be able to resist my boyish charms.” 

He pulls me to my feet as we walk over to the door, still holding my hand. He stops as he looks at me with a glint in his eye before claiming my lips in a passionate kiss. A kiss that leaves me weak at the knees, leaving me speechless, he turns to look at me as he says.

“I feel it too, baby, Oh and I love the pyjamas, by the way.”

“Mmmmmm, what?”

I ask, still reeling from the kiss, still not able to speak. Zac laughs before he kisses my nose and says.

“I'll see you at work tomorrow Ellie, and I'll pick you up from here at seven.”

He closes the door when he leaves; what the fuck just happened? I whisper 

Ellie walks over to me as she says.

“What's that, Ellie?”

Oh, shit, did I just say that out loud.I shake my head, clearing my thoughts as I say.

“Erm, nothing.”

Erin laughs, giving me a knowing grin. Later that night, I make myself a grilled cheese sandwich and a large glass of diet coke to chase the last of this damn hangover away.

Monday morning, and Erin and I make our way into my office. James joins us to discuss the progress made on the next generation build before heading into the conference room for the first of the weekly planning meetings.

I’m just about to push the door open when someone opens it from the inside, sending me flying into the room. Once again, I find myself being steadied by a pair of strong arms. Only this time, I don't flinch or pull away. I know it's Zac by the intense feelings he gives me. He laughs as I blush as usual, as he whispers in my ear.

“You have a habit of doing this, and I must admit that I like it, Miss Simms.”

He reluctantly let's go as I hurry to a seat, noticing Rachel, who is now glaring at me. Zac takes his place at the table as he says.

“Okay, team, I hope your all well and had a fun weekend. I know that I have. Let's hear your plans for this week, please.”

Rachel is the first to talk.....of course...

“Things are progressing well, and we're bringing in the contractors this week to make a start on the building work.”

He nods his head before he turns to look at James and me. I clear my throat.

“James and I have finished all the designs, and Erin has contacted the local schools, who are now running competitions for the artwork. I'm going to put an order in for the tiles so we can make a start on the mural in the community room, and I’m going to invite some of the kids over each day to work on the mural with me.”

James then takes over as he says.

“I’m working with the contractors to get the layout started. It's all coming together nicely, Mr Harris.”

Zac nods his head as he says.

“I’ve had a look through both of the plans, and I’m happy with the progress made so far. Ellie, I love the idea of the local kids being involved, which is also good for the publicity. Well, that's it for today. I’ll leave you all to get on with it.”

He never takes his eyes off me as he's talking, I don't look at Rachel, but I can feel the daggers she's throwing my way.

The rest of the day flies by. I spend most of my day talking with the local schools and drawing up a design for the community room. I want something full of colour to bring all the other colours together. I chose a tree, a tree of life with vibrant colours surrounded by a rainbow. Happy with my final design, I select the tiles from the manufacturer. I love the look and can't wait to see it all come together. I run everything by James, who has already brought the contractors in to start the building work.

Looking at my watch, It's now gone five. I quickly tidy up and make my way out. Erin is waiting at her station so we can walk back to the apartment together, as she turns to ask me.

“So what are you going to wear tonight.”

“Erm, a skirt and top. I need to go clothes shopping soon.”

I say with a frown. Erin chuckles as she says,

“Well, until then, you have fairy godmother Erin, not that you need much help. Damn, you'd look good in a bin bag, girl.”

Later that evening, Erin helps me pick out an elegant black button up skirt with a red off the shoulder top and matching red bag. It's not over the top, but it looks elegant, and I have no idea what Zac has planned for the night.”

Wow! This is really happening. I'm going on a date with my Hot CEO.




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