Chapter Forty One


"Do you need a shoulder?"

It's dark so I can't see who it was but his voice...

Then he sat down beside me but I just ignored him and wiped my tears away.

"You know it's not good to force yourself to be okay...when the truth is you're not"...I heard him said and I looked at him.

I was right. It was him....


"Why are you here?"...I asked. He's not that far from me but I still remained seated.

"I thought no one was here, so I came, not until I heard someone's crying"...he said. 

Is he mocking me?

"Are you making fun of me?"...I asked. "Why would I?"...he said so it silenced me a bit.

We were both silent as we stare at the full moon flashing in the sky.

While doing so, I took a simple but quick glance at him. He admired it too I guess.

It's too beautiful to resist. Even I couldn't.

I also felt relieved and lightweight. 

I felt just....okay.


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