Chapter Forty Five


"Hey bud!"...Lucas called as he went beside me but I only keep staring at where I am walking.

I'm not in the best mood to entertain someone right now.

"Hey!"...until I felt a tap on my shoulder that made me looked at him. "What?"

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah, I'm fine"...I said and didn't utter another word.

"Really? You know you can tell me any--"..before he could even finish what he's saying, I halted.

We crossed paths again.

I looked at her and she seems to ignore me so I brushed off of it and walk past her as she did the same without looking back.

"I guess you're not fine"...I heard him mumble but I kept walking as if I never heard what he said.


Days have gone and I'm still not used to my life now.

No girls.

No gimmicks.

No pranks.

Well it's my fault though. I pulled a stop on it so why would I feel like this.

But, honestly.

It made me muss those days. It doesn't feel like I'm suit to be a normal guy with a normal life.

I miss pulling pranks.

I miss strolling late at
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