Chapter Forty Six


"What are you doing here?"...I heard someone asked.

But to my surprise, It's her.

"Uh- I might've been at the wrong destination?"...I said lying straight on her face.

Sh*t! How do I explain this?

Should I just leave, yeah she might believe If I left proving that maybe I got lost.


"Really? You know, you've taken me home twice, I doubt it if you still think you're lost."...she said so I stopped on my tracks and becane speechless.

Right! You punk!

"Ah right, haha, maybe I forgot" freaki'n excuse again.

"You left at the cafe' earlier when I went to change, Is here where you're headed?"

"No-Yes?"...I said unsure of my answer.

She was quiet for a while so I guess she didn't care about it.

I shouldn't have come here I guess.

I'm an idiot for thinking a warm aelcome from her.

Well, who would've give that if someone came unannounced.

"Uh- Maybe I should go"...I said and started walking away.

Yeah it's better this way.

"Hey! Wait"...what did I just hear right now?

I sto
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