Chapter One



It was Monday today so I have to get up early, since my alarm gets noisy again.

After I got off my bed, I quickly go to the bathroom and take a shower, well that's my routine.

After showering, I wear my formal attire and pack my uniform for my job.

Yeah I have a job. I'm a working student. I am in college right now. I work at my bestfriends cafe which her parents own, because they said she could handle it better after finishing school which is right.

As I'm done fixing myself. I made my way downstairs to cook some breakfast, so I checked my refregirator.


I have EGGS







So I guess I should go for a cereal today cause I don't feel hungry at all.

After eating, I washed the dishes and check the house again.

After that, I made myself way out and waits till a taxi stops right infront of me, so I let myself in and instruct the driver my destination.

It was 6:15 am when I got there, at the coffee shop and It opens at 7:00 am.

"Good morning"....I said to my other co-workers there as I made my way into the staff room.

As I got there I quickly change my clothes into my uniform and got out because I know that customers will already be here this time.

"Good morning ma'am/sir"...I greeted as they enter the coffee shop and I was assigned today at the frontdesk taking orders so better be prepared.

"What's your order ma'am?"....I asked the lady politely so she smiled at me too before giving me her order. "Two Espresso please, Take out"....she said and I nod.

"Is that all Ma'am?"

"Yes please"....she said and I told her to wait for a few minutes so she did.

And after that I quickly prepared what she ordered.

After a minute, I was already done so I celled her to take her order.

"Thank you ma'am, come back again"....I cheerfully said while sending her off with my eye.

After that many orders did came so as the lunch time came I was really tired..since I'm on front desk most of the orders are done from me.

It's also the same when afternoon came...

And my shift is until 5:00 pm only because I have a night class so I better go home this instant.

After I got home, I quickly fix myself and ate my dinner. I wear my uniform and tied my hair.

When I finished eating, I grabbed my bag and got out of the house.

And that's when I recieved a message from my bestfriend.

Yeah, finally I have a bestfriend, at first I didn't want to because I don't wanna broke those promise to myself but she makes me think different now, but still I don't like minding people's business except her beacuase she already is my friend...

That's what I promise myself when my parents died.

Enough of that....I should really head to my school berofe I get late.

It was 7:05 pm in the evening already and my class starts at 8:00 so I headed already at my classroom.

When I got there, there are a few students there and hopefully our lecturer wasn't there yet.

Oh! I forgot the text message that Lesley sent me, so I open my phone and check it.



  Hey Sarah, Did you bring our project with you? Hope you do, cause if not we're dead okay:)

I slightly smiled on her text message and opened my bag to ready our paired project.

After a few minutes the door in our classroom opened so I fixed myself and sat properly just when I thought It was our lec. but it was Lesley.

After closing the door she waved her hand at me and smiled so I did the same with her.

"Hey, did you bring it?"....she asked after sitting beside me.

"Yes, ofcourse I will, It's a project after all"....I said.

"Oh right, the lec. gave a new schedule of our class"....she said to me while getting the paper on her bag and handed it to me.

As I look at the schedule. It seems that I have to attend class at the day. It is a rule in here that every week, lec. should gave another schedule for a week.

"What do you think?".....she asked me but all I can do was look at her. It's now complicated because we've already agreed that my shift will be at the day so I won't have problem attending class at night.

"I know it's complicated but I can talk to my parents"...Lesley added.

"Bu--"...I was supposed to say something when she cutted me off.

"It's okay, They will understand, you're like a family to us Sarah, you're like a sister to me"....she said and I hugged her because of that. "Thank you Lesley"...I said while hugging her.

And the door of our classroom opens again so I hope it's the lec. this time so we sat properly as she greet us.

"Good evening students"....she greeted. "Good evening Miss"...we said in unison.

"Before we start, I want to remind you all today about the project I talked last week, you can pass it anytime, but remeber the dead line is next next week"....she said so I stand up and walked near to where my lec. is.

"Miss, this is our project"....I said and handed her the Folder I was holding, she smiled at me before getting the folder. "I'm not wrong about you Ms. Johnson and who is your partner?"...she asked

"Lesley Smith Miss"...sabi ko. "Oh okay  good job you're the first one to pass this week"...she said as I walk bact to my seat.

A few minutes had passed and the discussion was over so Lesley and I quickly fix our things to get ready for home.

"Sarah, let's go"...Lesley said and I foolowed her outside until we reach the parking lot.

I was used to this...because everyday after school we will get home together.

"Okay....get in"...she said as I let myself in.

"Drive slowly okay"...Yeah I have a car trauma, and I got it from the accident 9 years ago.

"I know"...she then smiled at me and start the engine of the car.

"Did you put your seatbelt"....she asked and I gave her a nod as an answer, and now we're off...


"Thanks Lesley"...I said as I get off her car and bid goodbye to her.

She nod at me as an answer and I smiled at her. "Don't worry I'll talk to them"....she said and start to drive her car away.

After that I went in my house and turn the lights on.

I was exhausted and tired so I laid myself at the couch.

Just when I turned my head at the picture of our family, especially my mom and dad. I grab it, and started to caress it's frame as my tears started to fall down through my cheeks as well.

"I wish you we're here with me Mom, Dad"...I cried and use my hands to wipe my tears away.

That's what I did for the whole night, I cried myself out as I began to remember the past.


The nurses and polices agreed to send me to an orphanage because even if they asked me that day, I couldn't say anything to them.

After sending me to the orphanage, It feels like darkness really covered my world, and I feel alone until one day.

The nuns said that someone wants to adopt me so I followed them and went to see who it is but it turns out that it was my grandmother.....

As I saw her, I couldn't help but to cry so she immediately walked near me and hugged me..

"I know, I know it's hard dear"....she said while calming me down. I didn't say anything I just cried and cried unti I feel tired.

After that day, I got out on the orphanage and get to live with my grandmother.

She took care of me for 6 years and I'm thankful for that...

She loved me too, and I finally get to live like normal again.

Until I turned 15, she died the same as my parents dead, and she was deceased back then..She has cancer which stage is already at 4...

And then I asked myself, Why is it have to be the same? Why is it have to be same date of their deaths? Why? Am I a curse that everybody that surrounds me keeps on losing?

And after that when I turned 16 I left grandma's house and started to live on my own.

It's hard at first until I met Lesley's parents, they helped me to get up and that's where Lesley and I start to become friends.

At first, yes I was scared, Scared that I might lose her too, but as we spend the whole year I began to think again, maybe she wasn't gonna leave by my side so I let myself associate to her.

And that's when her parents offered me a job to their coffee shop, I was glad and 2 years of working there I earned just enough to use for my living expenses.

But you know what, I'm still scared, I don't know when or for how long, but I believe that a day will come where I might lose them too.

End of flashback......

And now this is my life, full of fear, doubt and incomplete....

After that I feel that my eyes are sp heavy due to my non-stop crying, so I let my self drift off....

To be continued.........

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